Need Fun Mens Shorts? Give These Four Styles A Try!

There’s nothing wrong with using shorts to maintain a smart, casual look that shows off your fashion prowess. But there’s also nothing in that sentence that says shorts can’t also be fun. With summer around the corner, we thought this was the ideal time to point out some of the most fun men’s shorts on offer here at Vintage 1946. Find your new favorite styles, and shop today!

Selection #1: Authentic Madras

These Authentic Madras Shorts in Light Blue are an ideal mix of casual, fun, and sneakily-dressy. Sure, the bold colors and the in-your-face pattern make this selection an obvious “fun” choice for your wardrobe. But there are other details here that make these a great way to wear your usual summer “uniform” and change things up a little bit. These are 100% cotton, buttoned shorts that can make a great contrast to a solid dress shirt, polo shirt, or even a casual tee.

Selection #2: Americana

There’s nothing quite so vintage and Americana as a pair of Americana Color Block Shorts. But you don’t have to limit yourself to using these on the Fourth of July. The combination of red and blue is surprisingly versatile, giving you the option to wear these shorts all summer with a high variation in the shirts and shoes you pick out for yourself. Like the shorts above, they’re made from 100% cotton, giving you reason enough to expect the same breathability and quality you would from any other pair of shorts from Vintage 1946.

Selection #3: Stretch Snappers

Not all fun men’s shorts feature bold designs. Sometimes it’s all about the shorts themselves. Take this pair of Stretch Snappers in Aqua. The bright color choice and the length (5 ½” inseam) make this an obvious pattern-breaker in most wardrobes. The best part is that these shorts are highly functional, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and move your legs without restricting movement. And with far less length, you won’t have to worry so much about breathability. In essence, these are the perfect shorts for hot summer days.

Selection #4: Classic Vintage Twill

If you don’t want to venture too far off the “smart look” path, then these Classic Vintage Twill Shorts in Dijon are perfect for you. The inside design is a nice, subtle way of incorporating some fun into your wardrobe while the bold pastel-style colors available (including Dijon) give these classic shorts that extra spice you’re looking for. The 7” inseam is also short enough for modern styles without venturing into Stretch Snappers territory, which means you’ll find plenty of versatility throughout the warm months.

More Great Options At Vintage 1946

Want to go beyond fun summer shorts and incorporate a bold-yet-vintage look into your current wardrobe? Then keep browsing here at Vintage 1946 for shirts, pants, shorts, and more. Our vintage style clothing collections range from dressy and smart to fun and bold—with everything in between.