Your Guide to Fall 2022 Wedding Attire for Men

Whether you’re a groomsman or just a regular guest, you need to know how to don proper fall wedding attire if you want to look great--and not embarrass yourself during the group photos ahead! Fortunately, this is easier than you think. Men have plenty of options for fall wedding outfits, ranging from full-on suits to semi-formal wear if the wedding is on the casual side. Here are some tips on how to master the look.

Best Colors for Fall Weddings

When it comes to fall weddings, color coordination is key. The last thing you want is to wear a suit of the wrong color.

In general, stay away from pastel shades, which are more appropriate for spring weddings or warmer weather. Instead, lean into natural fall hues. Fall-appropriate colors include:

  • Burnt Orange
  • Soft Beige
  • Autumnal Brown
  • Dark Gray
  • Dijon Yellow
  • Off White
  • Wine and Burgundy Red
  • Blush Pink
  • Classic Blue
  • Royal Purple

If you have a wedding date, it is wise to ask what they’ll be wearing. While you don't need to look “matchy-matchy,” it will be a good idea for your looks to complement one another in case you have photos together. You also want to make sure that you are dressed equally as formal as your date so that your looks don’t clash.

The Easiest Way to Wear Fall Colors with Your Suit

If you want to incorporate some fall color with your suit without breaking the bank on an outfit you may only get to wear during the fall, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Choose Your Base

The base of your outfit starts with your trousers. In general, men usually stick with navy, soft beige, and gray. These colors are great choices because you can wear them year-round. Here are a few options at Vintage 1946:


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Step 2: Choose Your Shirt

It’s always safe to go with an Oxford button-up shirt. For simplicity, most men will stick with white since it looks nice with practically every color. Light blue is another popular option that tends to look great with navy, soft beige, and gray.

Step 3: Add the Fall Color

You have two options here. You can choose a colorful fall blazer and skip the tie. Or, you can go with a traditional matching jacket and add a pop of color to your tie, pocket square, or even socks. Here are a few outfit ideas:

  • Navy trousers with a matching navy blazer, white button-up shirt, and blush pink tie/pocket scarf for fall
  • Beige trousers with classic blue blazer for fall and white button-up shirt. For more color, you might also add a pocket tie in burnt orange.
  • Beige trousers with white button-up shirt and autumn brown tie. In general, if you choose an outfit like this without a blazer, you must also wear dress shoes at a minimum. For this look, tan loafers would look great.
  • Gray trousers with matching gray blazer, white button-up shirt, and wine/burgundy red tie for fall.

Of course, the formality of the wedding will be the biggest determining factor in the type of outfit you choose. In general, stick with matching trousers and blazers for more formal weddings.

The No Suit Option

If you’re attending a wedding that is on the casual side of things, you won’t need to worry about a blazer. Here, you have the option of simply choosing a fall color for your trousers, a white/light-blue button up, and a pair of dress shoes. Here are some fall 2022 colors you might consider.

  • Burnt Orange
  • Autumnal Brown
  • Dijon Yellow
  • Wine and Burgundy Red
  • Blush Pink
  • Royal Purple

Choosing the Best Fabric for Fall

You’ll also want to consider your wedding attire in terms of its fabric. After all, some fabric is better suited for cooler vs warmer weather. Linen and seersucker are better suited for summer. For fall, cotton and wool are the most popular choices. Which one is better really comes down to personal preference.

Cotton and wool are both natural fibers and breathable materials. However, wool is much heavier than cotton. While it's true that the fibers can be woven into heavy and light fabric, wool is significantly denser, water-resistant, and will also keep you warm. On the other hand, cotton is much more breathable. When making a choice, it's best to decide based on the weather in your location. Wool is better suited for the cold while cotton is better for chilly (but not freezing) temperatures.

The No. 1 Mistake to Avoid When Getting Dressed for a Wedding

Above all else, make sure that you keep this in mind when picking your fall wedding attire: tailoring is important. It’s critical to choose the right colors and materials, of course. But none of that matters if your suit isn’t properly fitted.

Indeed, wearing an ill-fitted suit is arguably worse than wearing no suit at all! An ill-fitted suit will make you look gangly, overly large, overly skinny, or something else entirely. Properly fitted suits make you look tall, powerful, and masculine in the best way. On top of that, properly tailored suits allow you to move freely and comfortably: a major concern if you plan to dance at the upcoming wedding!

You should use a measuring tape if you want to ensure you get the best fit for your autumn suit. Take your body’s measurements to find the correct size for your suit; specifically, you need to measure:

  • Your neck, by wrapping the tape measure around the fullest part of your neck without pulling the tape measure to tightly
  • Your shoulders, by wrapping the tape measure around them
  • Your sleeves, by keeping your shoulders relaxed and measuring from the tip of your shoulder down to your wrists where they meet your hands
  • Your chest underarm, by wrapping the measuring tape under your arms and measuring the widest part of your chest (without flexing!)
  • Your chest over arm, by measuring the widest part of your chest while wrapping the tape measure around your arms instead of underneath them
  • Your waist, by wrapping the tape measure around your waist above your hips
  • Your outseam, by measuring from the top of the waistband straight down to the bottom of your feet

Of course, you can also have a professional tailor take these measurements, then use them to get perfectly tailored pants or a suit jacket!

Wrap Up

As you can see, fall wedding attire for men is diverse. So long you aren’t doing any last-minute shopping, getting your clothes tailored is easier than you think. At Vintage 1946, hemming and cuffing is complimentary with every purchase. If you’re ready to put your look together, our Classic Twill and Stretch Twill Flat Front collections are both great places to start.