Fall Outerwear Dos and Don’ts for Men

Fall is a time of year when the weather cools down. When that happens, it’s time to put away the summer wear and decide what to wear from mid-September until mid-December (or sooner depending on where you live). This guide will cover the Fall outerwear “Dos and Don’ts for men”.

If you are looking for tips on what to wear this fall, it’s important to follow this guide. Understanding the “do’s and don’ts” will be key so you can prevent making certain style mistakes in the future. Let’s dive right in.

The Do’s

Getting right into it, let’s discuss the “do’s” of fall outerwear: 

  • Make versatility a priority: It’s always a good idea to be versatile in what you can wear in the fall time. It will give you a chance to put together a few different outfits. Don’t go overboard with it - put together at least three different fall styles from head to toe. Don’t be afraid to wear a tweed jacket with a pair of Vintage 1946’s 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy pants. 
  • Be sure to get the right fit and size: Size and fit will be important. If it needs to be altered, a tailor can get it done. Anything you buy off the shelves may seem like a good fit. But sometimes, it might not look like it. 
  • Include a few surefire options: As long as it’s stylish, keeps you warm, and matches well with the rest of your ensemble, you can wear it to your heart’s content. If you want to rock a Heathered Rib Henley, you can certainly do that. Match it with corduroy or denim and you have an outfit that is guaranteed to look good on you.
  • Consider layering: Yes, the weather gets cooler. Which warrants the idea of layering. One example of this is wearing a lighter material as the base. On top of that, you’ll want to wear something over it - preferably a top with slightly thicker materials. For example, you could wear a silk shirt as a base and layer it with a cardigan.
  • Leverage a few fall options for winter: You don’t have to be a professional stylist to know this. But what is good for fall outerwear can still be useful in the winter months. What exactly would be the best bet? Let’s bring the cardigan back in the discussion. It’s cozy, stylish, and without a doubt one of the best pieces of clothing a man can rock - both indoors and outdoors. But on bitterly cold days, it’s just better to wear some kind of heavy coat that will keep you warm.

The Don’ts

Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the don’ts:

  • Wear anything bulky or oversized: Further emphasizing the point of wearing the right fit and size, bulky and oversized clothing doesn’t look that great on anyone. You want to look and feel your best. It would be almost impossible if you wore something that was two sizes too big for you.
  • Choose the wrong colors: Is the so-called “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule a thing? Not as credible as you think. White and black are still good. But colors that are bright and cool are out of the question. This includes pastel colors. Instead, opt for something warm, even a bit darker. Another failsafe option is anything with Earth tones like brown (or darker shades of it). 
  • Neglect the usual care and maintenance: Regular care and maintenance of any piece of clothing should be a common practice. The time of year should not matter. It’s important to look over the tags of each article of clothing you have. That’s because they will provide you with instructions on how to care for and maintain them. If it says “use cold water” for washing, then it’s obvious what water temperature you need to use. 
  • Choose the wrong fabric: Needless to say, wearing fabrics that are acceptable in the warmer months can’t be worn in the fall. If you can’t resist the idea of wearing a silk shirt, you’ll want to abide by the age-old rule of layering. We get it, a silk shirt will feel good on your skin. But it won’t feel good when you’re cold and shivering outdoors.

Wrap Up

There you have it. These are your “do’s and don’ts” for men’s outer fall wear. It’s important that you take these tips to heart so you can enjoy the season without having to worry about making certain fashion mistakes. If you’re in search of something that is appropriate for fall, make sure you check out what Vintage 1946 has for you.