End Of Summer Sale Clothes You Can Wear All Year Long

When one season transitions into another, smart shoppers look for the best ways to save: buying clothes for use next year. But who can wait another year before using the clothes they buy? There must be some end of summer sale clothes that can be worn all year long, right? At Vintage 1946, we have a few items just for you end of summer shoppers!

Getting the Most from a Summer Sale

At the end of summer—or any season—it’s a great time to shop around for the items that clothing sites like Vintage 1946 list on sale. At our site, you’ll find regular Sales listings that will vary depending on the time of year. It’s worth keeping a page like this bookmarked throughout the year. It’s a good reminder to keep visiting, so you’ll be able to spot those unique sales opportunities you might otherwise forget.

What should you typically expect from an end of summer clothes sale? Typically, you’ll find the items from the previous season. That’s why it can be hard to find sales items that you want right now. We’ve got you covered at Vintage 1946

Featured Vintage 1946 Summer Sale Pieces

Here are a few vintage clothing items on sale now at Vintage 1946 that you’ll find enjoyable no matter what the weather!

Negative Slub Polo – White

Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? There isn’t any official fashion police that will come and arrest you for wearing white throughout September, which means that this Negative Slub Polo in White can be a great piece to pick up and wear throughout most of the year. True, in winter, you’ll generally use a piece like this for layering purposes as you dress warmer. But there aren’t any laws against using white for layering, either!

Gurkha Hybrid Shorts – Tan

Just because the calendar says “September” doesn’t mean that the time for wearing shorts is officially over. That’s especially true with a versatile piece like our Gurkha Hybrid Shorts in Tan. The Tan color is great for any season, accompanying just as well with autumn as it does with spring. And when the weather remains warm throughout the seasons, it’s easy to pair shorts with a long-sleeve shirt or even a sweater without missing a stylistic beat.

Negative Slub Pocket Crew – Dream Blue

A breezy T-shirt is must-have wear for the summer. But there’s no reason it can’t also help you layer in the cool months, too. That’s why we recommend going for a versatile color like Dream Blue when you shop for the Negative Slub Pocket Crew Tee. The color is ideal for both spring and summer, giving it appeal beyond just one season. Plus, it can easily layer with other clothes when you need to pack on some additional warmth for the winter.

More From Vintage 1946

With autumn just around the corner, there’s plenty of time to stock up on everything you’ll need for a comfortable and vintage end to the year. Keep browsing the collection here at Vintage 1946 to find the pieces you need.