Try These Different Types Of Shorts To Mix Things Up

When it comes down to it, how many of us know a lot about the fabrics we wear? We don’t know much about cotton—we just want comfort. But there are other ways to achieve comfort while going for a different sort of look. At Vintage 1946, we have several different types of shorts available, featuring fabrics you might not have much experience with. Take a look!

Linen Shorts

Linen has a unique and breathable texture that’s hard to replicate, which is why it’s so obvious when you’re wearing linen instead of 100% cotton. At Vintage 1946, we offer the ideal combination with our linen shorts. These shorts are a cotton-linen combination that give you the best of the summer fabrics in one package. The fact that the shorts feature a vintage style with a modern fit only adds to their appeal.

There are two options here:


  • The Cotton Linen Walk Shorts look a little more like a classic khaki option, although the obvious textural differences with the linen are both apparent to sight and touch. Even so, you’ll never look out of place wearing these anywhere khaki shorts are accepted.

  • The Denim Blue Shorts option is a great way to mix up your usual style. They’re not quite the texture of denim—instead, they offer a summer-ready look that’s light and breezy. But they do essentially accomplish what denim shorts otherwise would while lifting the sartorial quality to the next level. It’s a great way to dress casual without feeling out of place wherever you go.

Don’t Fear The Polyester

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “polyester suit,” then you know that polyester often gets a bad rap. But polyester is nothing to be feared. Paired with cotton, it makes an ideal fabric for both comfort and durability. Part-polyester materials can provide you with the breezy comfort you need for summer. Plus, it will actually last repeatedly in the wash, resist shrinking, and ultimately provide you with more wears for your buck.

Take our High Performance Shorts, for example. Although we love our 100% cotton options for their style, these performance shorts are built for sweating. You can wear a stylish option like Windjammer Hybrid in Navy and look every bit as environment-appropriate at the gym as you do when you’re out at a restaurant wearing casual cotton shorts. And since shorts like these will be subject to repeated washings, you’re going to want a fabric that can stand the test of time. That’s where polyester comes in. Don’t fear it.

More Shorts Options From Vintage 1946

Want to try different fabrics to see what works best for your style and your comfort? Then have a look at all the entire Vintage 1946 collection. Some quick browsing could yield your new favorite shorts!