A Guide To Different Clothing Styles For Teenage Guys

Clothing styles can be easy to find, but difficult to master. We’ve put together a guide to three different clothing styles for teenage guys. These three essential styles can work for a number of situations—all using clothing available right here at Vintage 1946.

Style #1: Preppy

The preppy clothing style is still popular with teens. It involves dressing up for the occasion without ever losing sight of casual comfort—usually employing clothing that’s a little more upscale in appearance. A preppy style can be highly versatile, which means it works just as well for casual situations as it does for more formal appearances.

Here are some clothes that can help you build the “preppy” look:

  • Stretch Twill Pants. Any preppy look needs a good foundation—and when you talk about clothing, the foundation is all about what you wear for your pants. Vintage 1946 Stretch Twill Pants are high-cotton pants, offering plenty of comfort in a wide variety of prep-capable colors like Charleston Brick, Citadel Blue, and the ever-versatile Khaki.
  • Seersucker Shorts. Seersucker is a trademark texture of the preppy look. It fits the airy, breezy look of summer—and even fall, when layered with a high-quality sweatshirt. And since they’re seasonal, it’s possible to get a preppy look for a reduced price when these shorts are on sale.

Style #2: Alternative

Clothing styles for teenage guys aren’t all about looking the part. Sometimes you’ll want to express a little creativity. An alternative look is all about showing off that individuality. It tends to be a more casual look with plenty of accessory options. Here are some great pieces you can use to start building an alternative look you can be proud of:

  • Touch Finish Vintage Twill in Brown. Patterns like this are a common hallmark of the alternative look. Pair it with a black beanie in the cooler months, and you’ll be well on your way to breaking the usual mold. And because this is the kind of high-quality shirt you can use for a range of purposes, you’ll find all sorts of uses for it beyond the casual realm.
  • Acid Wash Oxford Shirt. One defining characteristic of the alternative look is texture. This Acid Wash Oxford Shirt provides an “alternative” texture that’s great to dress down with all sorts of accessories. It can also be dressed up when the occasion calls for it.

Style #3: Streetwear

“Streetwear” is all the rage these days, and it’s especially popular for teenage guys. This clothing style is defined by minimalistic clothing with rich textures and unique fits. We have a suggestion to help you pull off a great look:

  • Cut Cord Cardigan in Light Grey. Streetwear is all about contrasts. Slim fit denim with a heavier top like this Cut Cord Cardigan can help you put together a top-heavy look that fits in nicely with the latest trends.

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