Create A Versatile Men’s Wardrobe – 4 Essentials To Keep Your Look Fresh


You want a wardrobe that can give you plenty of different options—you just don’t want to break the bank for it. So how do you create more outfit possibilities? Simple: focus on versatility. Here at Vintage 1946, we have plenty of items that, once added to your collection, can make for a truly versatile men’s wardrobe, giving you plenty of mix-and-match options. Here’s what you’ll need.

Stretch Twill Pants In Dark Denim

If you want versatility, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option for your colors than navy or dark denim. These Stretch Twill Pants in Dark Denim are a great alternative to the jeans you likely already own, which will further “stretch” your wardrobe and provide you with plenty of new options for your next outfit.              
The versatility of these Twill pants, however, is about more than just color. It’s also about the attitude---a sort of smart-yet-casual look that fits with button-down shirts or even something more casual, like a sweatshirt. That also gives it some versatility beyond any particular season, which is critical for year-round sartorial success.      

Oxford Washed Shirt in Gingham Navy   

Forgive us if we stick with a color palette here, but you have to admit: this Oxford Washed Shirt in Gingham Navy makes for a great layer no matter what other colors you might wear for your trousers. Fitting just as easily with white khakis or chinos as it does with jeans and even shorts, this shirt is an easy feature piece in any versatile men’s wardrobe. When the weather gets cool, it can also serve as a bottom layer for your favorite sweater. 

Why this shirt in particular? The pattern is ubiquitous and neutral, while the colors provide a sharp contrast with other solid items in your wardrobe. And because it can be worn twice in a week—or more—you’ll have no problem sneaking it into different outfits or wearing it as your prime shirt.

Stretch Corduroy in Fatigue

Be honest: most of the time your pants are some level of blue. Whether that’s denim or in blue chinos, blue is a versatile color indeed. But you can multiply your usable outfits when you switch in a new color—we recommend the olive of Fatigue with the Stretch Corduroy pants.

Zip Knit Cardigan in Dark Grey 

Finally, we have an outer layer. You might assume an outer layer comes with limited versatility compared to these other items—and you’re right, to an extent. But you can zip this up and wear it alone, or layer it with a piece like our Oxford shirt for an entirely new item. In all, the Zip Knit Cardigan in Dark Grey can add to a repeated outfit and change it into something new, especially when the mercury drops

Building Choices

Want even more options for building a versatile men’s wardrobe? Then keep browsing our collection of versatile American clothing right here at Vintage 1946.