Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

You might spend the days leading up to Valentine’s Day focused mostly on your significant other. You’ll be making plans for a gift you can purchase, some flowers you can pick up, and where you might go out to dinner. However, while that planning is going on, don’t forget to think about what you are going to wear on this occasion. Part of making sure Valentine’s Day is special for your partner is putting some effort into how you look – and V1946 can help on that point.

With this article, we are going to discuss the basics of how to put together a great outfit for a Valentine’s Day date. Using this advice, along with your own taste, you should be able to craft an outfit that will make the night even more memorable. Let’s get started!

Think About Context First

Not all Valentine’s Day dates are created equal. Rather than thinking about what might be the best thing to wear on Valentine’s Day, you should think first about what you are going to be doing. Are you going out to a fancy restaurant, or somewhere more casual? Or maybe you’ve decided to go to cook dinner at home and then go to a movie. Whatever the case, wearing an outfit that is appropriate for what you have scheduled is important.

As an example, consider our 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy pants for a relatively casual Valentine’s Day. These pants look great, are comfortable to wear all day and night, and come in a few different colors so you can pair them nicely with other pieces in your wardrobe. Of course, while they can work well for your Valentine’s Day needs, these pants will also be useful over the rest of the year for countless occasions.

If you are looking to complete a casual outfit that started with our corduroys on the bottom, we have plenty to pick from for your shirt of choice. If the weather is going to be warm, you might want to consider our Authentic Madras Short Sleeve Woven shirt. This comfortable cotton shirt is a step up in style from wearing a t-shirt, but it still has a casual vibe, especially when worn untucked.

Expecting slightly cooler temperatures for your casual date? Try our Stretch Jersey Henley, offered in a selection of six colors. With a blended material and modern fit, you’ll like how this looks whether you are going for a romantic walk or heading to a bonfire event. As with our other suggestions, you’ll love having this item in your closet long after Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

Getting a Little More Formal

If you’ve made reservations for a nice restaurant and want to sharpen up your outfit accordingly, you’ll need something more formal to fit the occasion. Not to worry – we have plenty of snazzy options available to help you look your best.

For pants, look at our Classic Vintage Twill Pants. These are a great pick when you plan to tuck in your shirt and wear a nice belt. Beyond date night, they are also suitable for office attire, a round of golf, and much more. Add a polo or button down shirt and you’ll be ready for the fanciest restaurant. For bonus points, find out what color dress your significant other is wearing so you can match your tie color.

Comfortable Outwear for a Cold Night

As February can still get a bit chilly, you might need a suitable outer layer for your outfit. For that, check out our Quilted Quarter Zip, a classy garment available in two colors and featuring a contrasting collar. This is a nice option to have to stay warm as the evening turns into night and the temperature drops.

As an outerwear alternative to the quilted look, check out the Herringbone Reverse Fleece Knit Cardigan. With a full zip front, it’s easy to open or close this layer to control your temperature, and the 80% cotton and 20% polyester blend makes for a comfortable material. You could add this jacket over many different types of shirts, thanks to the relaxed collar and the charcoal/black color.

V1946 Can Serve You All Year Long

As much as we would love to help you create a sharp Valentine’s Day outfit, we’d like to remind you that our garments and styles are useful for all twelve months of the year. Be sure to explore our inventory so you can pick out a variety of items that will suit the way you want to dress regardless of the occasion or season. Thank you for checking out V1946 and feel free to contact us if you need assistance.