5 Things to Put in a College Care Package

College is always tough, especially if it’s your teenager’s first year! New classes, new friends, and a new environment combine for a chaotic college experience no matter your teen’s academic excellence or career ambitions.

As a parent, you can make their time at university much more manageable by putting together a thoughtful college care package. Whether you want to send some extra love to a freshman or give your senior a push to keep going and graduate, let’s break down five things you should put in a college care package for maximum effect.

1.      Healthy Snacks

It can be tough to remember to eat healthily when juggling homework, class lectures, and social events or internships. Toss in a few healthy snacks (and maybe a few less than healthy snacks) with every college care package in your college teen will thank you profusely (in mind, if not in real life, of course).

Healthy snacks like granola bars, nut mixes, and dried fruits are great for driving away the munchies in the middle of class and for helping your child study during a late-night cram session before a test.

2.      Restaurant Gift Cards

You can go one step further with a food theme in a college care package by giving your college teen restaurant gift cards. Gift cards for places like Starbucks, Panera Bread, and similar spots will allow them to pick up lunch on the go, plus fuel their coffee obsession – an absolute necessity for students who have early-morning college classes.

Restaurant gift cards are also convenient since it means your college teen doesn't need to cook food for themselves, which can be time-consuming at best and hazardous at worst, depending on the state of their dorm's kitchen.

3.      Medicine Kit

Accidents happen, and odds are any freshman college student will pick up a stomach bug or two during their first year at university. A medicine kit with herbal tea bags, Band-Aids, and painkillers will go a long way toward helping your kid overcome minor illnesses and get back to class ASAP.

Plus, it’s one of the best ways to show that you care about their health. On top of that, a medicine kit can be a great thing to throw in a college care package since your student can take it with them on adventures with their peers or have it on hand if there’s ever an emergency. It always pays to be prepared!

4.      New Clothes + Laundry Supplies

Odds are your college-age student forgot a few clothing essentials when they packed up for this year’s classes. To that end, consider putting some of those spare clothes in your next college care package. Or, if you know that your college student doesn’t buy clothes very often, purchase a few new items for them and place them in the care package so they can enjoy some new shorts or shirts this year.

A Jersey crew neck is great for casual days at class or hanging out with friends. Or send a more athletic college student some quality windjammer hybrid shorts that are perfect for hanging out on dry land and in water. Or maybe your college student will be more interested in comfortable everyday pants they can wear in their dorm and to class without having to change!

As a side note, consider sending your college teen shirts in one size larger than they wore when they left. The "Freshman 15" is very real – as your child will soon discover!

On top of that, be sure to send some laundry supplies like fabric softeners, laundry detergent, and even a laundry bag along with the clothes. Your college teen will need to do laundry in a communal facility, and giving them laundry supplies will help ensure that they remember to wash their clothes regularly so they look (and smell) their best!

5.      Favorite Movies & Games

Lastly, consider sending your college kid a few of their favorite movies or video games if they are a gamer. Movies and games are memories of home and great “comfort food” experiences – if they get homesick, watching their favorite movie might help them get back into the right state of mind and enjoy their college experience in no time.

If you aren’t quite sure what their favorites are, ask! You can easily bring this topic up in casual conversation and still surprise them with a care package packed full of their favorite DVDs without spoiling the surprise.


As you can see, the best things to put in a college care package are everyday items, small gifts, and little touches of affection that remind your college student that you love them. Consider putting together a college care package today, and check out Vintage 1946’s spring 2022 collection if you need ideas for new clothes that are built to last.

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