Cold Day Outfits For Men From Vintage 1946

Imagine the classic American outfit, and you’ll probably picture someone with the sun at their back and plenty of skin to show. That rugged outdoorsiness is all part of the quintessential American experience. But what about when it’s cold? There’s no reason you should have to abandon your commitment to style just because the temperature’s a bit nippy. Here are a few great cold day outfits for men from Vintage 1946!

Outfit #1: Casual Winter Fun

Let’s start with something light and casual—something for the start of winter, when it’s still pre-Christmas and the snow is fresh.

  • Inner Layer: Start with a Summer Oxford Short Sleeve shirt in blue. We know what you’re thinking: “hey, doesn’t that say summer oxford?” That’s part of the beauty of this piece: because it’s short sleeve, it makes for a great “cool, but not cold” inner layer for your winter outfit.
  • Outer Layer: Space Dyed Jersey Q Zip Light Grey. Since you’re combining two bold colors (see the next point), you’ll want something that offers some muting contrast to pull the outfit together. It helps that this light grey Q Zip has plenty of insulating power to keep you warm.
  • Pants: Go with Stretch Corduroy Fatigue pants. You can wear these all throughout autumn as well as through the transition to winter. Take advantage of their warmth and remember that just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to keep fun colors indoors.

Remember that you can switch out any options you like here. Don’t be afraid to add hats and gloves as the weather dictates.

Outfit #2: Warm Clothes for an Icy Day

In see-your-own-breath weather, safety and comfort become your top priorities. But you can still enjoy a stylish look while keeping warm. Here’s another cold weather outfit idea:

  • Inner Layer: Stretch Canvas in Navy. This long-sleeve piece gives you a little more insulation, and the classic blue color gives you plenty of options for wearing outside layers without throwing off the balance of your outfit.
  • Outer Layer: Jacquard Q Zip in Cream with a winter coat. We once again turn to our old friend the Q Zip to ensure that you have enough outer layering to feel comfortable. You can still look stylish as you dress it up with an additional outer layer of a winter coat!
  • Pants: Stretch Corduroy or Military Twill. You might consider wearing an additional inner layer of long underwear under your pants for especially cold days, but you can’t go wrong with either of these pants options.

More Great Outfits At Vintage 1946

The good news about winter is that it’s a great opportunity to learn all about layering your clothes. In fact, it’s often a necessity to stay warm! We encourage you to keep browsing all the collections here at Vintage 1946 to find all the essential classics for layering together an outfit that will keep you warm while looking cool.