Men's Vintage Clothes For Different Seasons

You’ve read all the articles. “What to wear when it’s cold outside.” “What to wear for spring.” “What to wear for fall.” Then you look outside, and, guess what? The weather isn’t always consistent with the season. Many days you’ll find “in-between” weather when you have no idea what to wear at all. This doesn’t have to cause any confusion, however. With the right wardrobe including clothes for different seasons, you can put together versatile outfits that are ready for a little bit of everything. Here’s how.

What You Need For A Multi-Season Outfit

Is it cloudy with a chance of rain? Hot, but might chill down in a hurry? Each situation is different, which means you need the kinds of clothes in your wardrobe that can do a little bit of everything. We’ve put together a few suggestions for building “In-Between” weather outfits:

  • The Breezy Day. Your legs tend to take the breeze a little better than your arms can, so cover up your arms and let your legs show. That means combining a pair of Flat Front Shorts with a long-sleeve shirt on top, such as a pullover, a sweater, or a sweatshirt. This is an ideal combination for both spring and summer weather, or even those warm winter days when you’re not sure if you’ll get some precipitation.
  • The “Hot and Cold” Day. Do the reverse if you know the day will include some cold. If it cools down, you can always put on an extra layer up top—but it’s hard to put on an extra pair of trousers on the fly. We recommend you start with a base of Vintage Twill Khakis in relaxed fit. For the shirt, you can start with a short sleeve button down option or even a T-shirt, then add a layer as you see fit.

If the weather’s too uncertain to pick between the two, then look below for some of our favorite “all-weather” picks. 

Versatile Vintage Clothing for All Weather

It’s true that there are few articles of clothing that are truly “all-weather.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some clothes for different seasons that will make your life a heck of a lot easier. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Quarter-Zip. A light, cotton Quarter-Zip Pullover is a fantastic option for just about any type of weather. Roll up the sleeves when it’s warm, or layer over a T-shirt when it’s not. Check out our Flat Back Rib QZip in Charcoal for a glimpse at just how versatile these shirts can be.

  • 9” Shorts. Shorts can be a little tricky when it comes handling the weather, but when you have enough length, you’d be surprised how often they work. Our Classic Vintage Twill in Charleston Brick makes a great selection here.

More Great Pieces At Vintage 1946

There’s no reason you have to let some unpredictable weather get in the way of a stylish outfit. Continue browsing the collections here at Vintage 1946! You’re bound to find the best clothes for different seasons.