Classic Southern Apparel Perfect for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and it’ll bring plenty of sunshine and sweltering heat along with it! If you live in a humid climate, like the Southern U.S., you’ll need the right apparel to look great while staying comfortable whether you are kicking it back at home or spending time with your friends outdoors or at the beach.

With that in mind, let’s break down some classic Southern apparel options. These ideas will be perfect for the summer of 2022 and every summer beyond!

What is “Southern Apparel”?

In a nutshell, Southern apparel includes any clothing or clothing styles that take typical Southern temperatures into account. In the south, heat waves can be both swelteringly hot and very humid. That means your sweat will not be as effective at cooling you down as it would in other climates.

States such as Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana get massive heat waves from June to August. You need to know how to dress so you look great without exposing yourself to the risk of heat exhaustion. The ideal Southern apparel is usually loose, breezy, and comfortable to increase airflow and minimize how much body heat is trapped by clothing.

Lightweight Shirts and Jackets

When putting together your Southern summer wardrobe, consider your shirts and jackets carefully. Generally, the best shirts and jackets will be made of lightweight materials like cotton or linen. Linen is especially good for overshirts or T-shirts since it wicks away moisture and facilitates airflow to your skin. Even though humidity means your sweat won't be as cooling as usual, it'll still help. Our Sueded Jersey Crew Neck is perfect for summer days. It features soft sueded fabric and stretches for comfort and is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Try to wear light colors like white, peach, baby blue, and similar shades. Dark colors like black, navy, and brown will heat up quite quickly, making you regret stepping outdoors and causing you to long for the air-conditioned interior of the nearest building.

Socks and Shoes

Then there are socks and shoes to think about. Socks made of lightweight cotton materials are best. However, you can also typically get away with open-toed shoes like sandals (provided they're stylish, of course). Sandals are a great option for every social get-together or upcoming event short of a semiformal or formal occasion. They're perfect for going to the beach, taking an outdoor stroll, or meeting your friends for a casual dinner.

If you do have to wear closed-toed shoes, opt for lightweight shoes rather than clunky boots. The heavier your shoes are, the more work your feet have to do to get you moving and the sweatier they will become.

Shorts and Trousers

What about legwear for Southern apparel wardrobes? Shorts are perfect for hot Southern summers since they expose your legs to the occasional cool breeze. Jeans or dress slacks are still the go-to choices for going to work or doing yard work outdoors, but shorts are perfect for almost anything else.

Lightweight, breezy shorts (including our Gurkha Hybrid Shorts) are very comfortable when spending time in the South during the summer. You should also wear shorts that end above your knee rather than below it. These shorter shorts evoke a classic masculine style that went out of fashion for a few years around 2010, but now they’re back and better than ever.

Comfort Pick Highlight: Vintage 1946’s Snapper Shorts

Want to make sure your legs stay properly cool during the summer? Try Vintage 1946’s Snapper Shorts.

These high-quality, ultra-comfortable shorts come in tons of colors ranging from purple to aqua to stone to navy and more. That means you can find the perfect snapper shorts for your wardrobe no matter what you want to wear up top.

But the true delight from these shorts lies in the details. They're very short with leg lengths of just 5.5 inches. That gives your skin plenty of room to breathe (and your leg skin lots of exposure to yield a summer tan). Each pair of shorts has an elastic waistband for increased flexibility and comfort on your part.

Despite this, our snapper shorts include functional buttons and flies. There’s no need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. These shorts are ideal for spending time at the beach or outdoors in any capacity, especially since they are made of 100%, lightweight cotton.

As one of our most popular shorts styles for years on end, V1946’s Snapper Shorts are breezy, comfortable, and the perfect choices for spring and summer weather in the South. Best of all, you can try them today by checking out our selection!