Classic Men’s Summer Clothing & Fashion Tips

It’s summer—and that’s great news. But that doesn’t mean every day is the ideal combination of sunshine, breeze, and a perfect reading on the thermometer. Sometimes, summer is downright muggy, humid, and sweaty. But just because you’ve run into the dog days of summer doesn’t mean you have to abandon your sense of style. If you’re looking for great classic men’s summer clothing options, Vintage 1946 is the right place to shop! Read on for some of our featured items and summer fashion tips!

Classic Summer Fashion – Featured Pieces

Want to look and feel your best during the hottest days of summer? Follow these tips, and pick up these classic men’s summer clothing items from Vintage 1946:

  • Shorten those sleeves. The key here is to maximize as much skin that can be exposed to the air as possible, allowing perspiration to do what it does. Of course, you still want to avoid sunburns. The Summer Oxford Short Sleeve is a great way to look your best in something you can button down without having to opt for T-shirts.
  • Try shorter shorts. Stretch Snappers, our shortest shorts at 5”, make the best options for the summer heat, allowing more breathing room for your legs. Pick from a wide selection of colors!
  • Choose your fabric wisely. Cotton, linen, and seersucker do a great job in the hottest parts of summer, because they allow plenty of breathability. Our Seersucker Short’s unique texture means it will minimize exposure to your skin, allowing air to move easily between the dimpling of the fabric while also giving your skin an opportunity to cool itself naturally via perspiration.

Other Tips To Beat The Heat

What should you do when the day gets unbearably hot? Here are a few more practical tips for beating the heat:

  • Stay inside or in the shade when possible. When there’s a true heat wave moving through, no amount of cooling clothes are going to help! You need to get indoors and out of the sun as fast as possible to avoid risking bad sunburns, dehydration, and even heat stroke.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s easy to lose track of the water you lose through perspiration throughout the day—especially if you spend a lot of that day swimming. Make sure you stay hydrated by sticking close to a fresh source of water.
  • Take breaks. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. A quick break can help you regain your bearings (and a sense of how well you’re feeling), while also helping you to rest and find the refreshment you need to keep going.

More From Vintage 1946

The best way to keep cool is to stay out of the heat. But if you do have to be outside during the dog days of summer, you can always keep it light without forgoing your usual sense of classic summer fashion. Keep shopping our collections here at Vintage 1946 to find a full range of classic men’s summer clothing options!

July 17, 2018 by Vintage 1946
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