Classic American Clothing: 3 Styles to Spruce Up Your Look

“American clothing” will always have a wide definition. This is, after all, a free country—and a free country means you can wear just about whatever you please. But the phrase “Classic American clothing” also has a very specific meaning. In Charleston, SC, the home of Vintage 1946, dressing well is a form of good manners. The idea of a classic American gentleman is showcased in all of the clothes we design. If that’s the look you want for yourself, we have three suggestions to help you achieve it.

Khaki Military Twill

Twill has a strong background in military use because it has the dressy look of a uniform without being stifling when it’s too hot outside. That’s why our Khaki Military Twill is such a classic American clothing choice. It’s versatile, perfect for casual or formal occasions, and it’s a step above the usual T-shirt and blue jeans look. While there’s nothing wrong with a good pair of blue jeans, there are some occasions when you want a little more from your wardrobe.

For a proper fit, keep in mind that this specific product runs small in the waist. Fortunately, our self-sizing feature lets you input all of the variables to get the right fit every time, which is especially handy when ordering online.

Seersucker Shorts

It’s not always going to be trouser weather. For those hot summer months, a quality pair of seersucker shorts offers a perfect combination of heft and breathability. But which color should you choose? Trick question. You really can’t go wrong with any of the seersucker shorts you see here.

Seersucker shorts are an essential classic American clothing item, because they can be paired with so much. Create the perfect look by combining with T-shirts, button-downs, polos, even jackets on cooler days. With proper layering, these shorts don’t have to be limited to “summer wardrobe” status, either.

Charleston Brick Vintage Twill

Of course, we couldn’t talk about classic American clothing with the Charleston twist without listing one of the most ubiquitous “Charleston” styles around: a Vintage Twill pant in Charleston Brick. This light, salmon-y color is a great alternative to jeans and khakis, pairing just as well with most of the tops you already have hanging in your closet.

Combined with a good belt and solid pair of shoes like Buckinghams or oxfords, your Charleston Brick trousers will have you looking your best whether you dress them up with a navy blazer and tie or down with a simple T-shirt. That’s the kind of versatility that classic American clothing has to offer—pulling together a variety of styles in a veritable melting pot of men’s fashion.

But it doesn’t end there. Shop our full men’s vintage clothing collection to find more great options to spruce up your look.