Casual Winter Outfits From Vintage 1946

The mercury’s ready to drop. Are you ready to handle it? That’s the question anyone who wants to maintain a classic style has to consider this fall. Spring and summer are over, which means it’s time to layer up, dress warmly, and get some great casual winter outfits together. Here are some options available at Vintage 1946 that are perfect for colder weather!

Try Twill

Although wool makes a fine winter fabric, cotton is versatile enough to handle any season—and that includes cotton twill. Here’s a sample casual winter outfit from our collection featuring twill:

  • Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt. The plaid design and darker colors of this shirt are perfect for a casual winter look. This piece also works great for layering under an additional top like a sweater or sweatshirt.
  • Sunny Stretch Compact Twill Pants. Just because it has “sunny” in its name doesn’t mean it’s any less effective in winter! These pants are a great value because they’ll pair well with just about any colors you can think to use up top.

Stay Warm With Corduroy

Corduroy is a versatile fall and winter clothing option thanks to its lush texture and warm comfort. And don’t forget that there’s no time like fall and winter to try some color combinations you could never get away with during the spring. Here’s a sample outfit suggestion from our collection:

  • Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt. Start with this casual fall button-down to match with the changing leaves and the colors of the season. This shirt is equally effective in winter as a layering piece.
  • Stretch Corduroy Pants In Oatmeal. There’s no time for corduroy like the present. These corduroy pants feature a versatile color that will give you plenty of options for pairing with just about any top you can imagine this fall.

Military Twill In A Casual Look

Want to make the most of your next outfit? Then think in terms of what you can contrast. It’s important to contrast color, textures and styles—without coming to the point of clashing. Here’s an outfit suggestion:

  • Cut Cord Cardigan in Light Grey. This thick, luxurious cardigan is perfect for crisp winter nights. It can be worn zipped down during moderate autumn days for comfort.
  • Military Twill Classic Fit Fatigue Pants. There’s plenty of contrast between the dressy look of these Military Twill pants and the casual option with the light grey Cardigan, giving your outfit a “complete” look.

A Classic Option For All Seasons

Do you have to wear exclusively “fall/winter clothes” to feel warm in the winter? Of course not! You simply need to use the right clothes—even if those are all-season options like Classic Vintage Twill. Here are a few great year-round options:

  • Cut Cord Cardigan in Olive. Once again, the Cut Cord Cardigan provides plenty of visual texture as well as comfort to the touch. It can be worn open or closed for breathability depending on the season.
  • Classic Vintage Twill Pants in Stone. Don’t think you can wear light colors beyond Labor Day? Think again. This classic pair of trousers is versatile, comfortable, and fully capable of handling winter temperatures when you layer it with a great outfit.

Want more great casual winter outfit options? Browse the collections here at Vintage 1946!