Can You Wear Shorts in Fall?

We all know that shorts are standard summer apparel in any warm climate. But don’t go stashing away all your shorts as soon as Labor Day comes around. Your shorts might not get as much use in fall as they do during the height of the summer, but these useful garments should still be close at hand.

Create Flexibility

It’s easy to layer your shirts with sweatshirts or jackets in the cool months, but pants don’t always come with a level of flexibility. If you start with pants, you are stuck with pants – unless you go to the trouble of packing some shorts and finding somewhere to change when you get too warm. As a better option, go with shorts from the start and use extra layers on top to stay warm. You might even wear a hat or beanie to keep from losing too much heat off the top of your head. This is a great strategy when you are going outside early in the morning on a day that will get warm late in the afternoon.

Assembling an Outfit

Let’s use some of the products available here at V1946 as a template for how you could create an excellent fall outfit based on shorts. We can start with our Space Dyed Himalayan Shorts in Navy. These are a great pick because the 10’’ inseam will give you plenty of coverage while the flexible fabric will work nicely for many different activities. And, by going with a dark shade for the color, we have plenty of options left available for shirts and jackets.

Speaking of shirts, next we’ll add a short sleeve shirt to this outfit for when the weather warms up late in the day. For a clean, classic look, we’ve opted for our French Terry hoodie. This light hoodie is perfect for fall days where the temperature still fluctuates greatly. When paired with shorts you can balance your warmth, and our cotton and polyester blend ensures you’re comfortable at all times.

If you want to start with a short sleeve shirt and layer a jacket on top, our Stretch Micro-Fleece Quarter Zip in Grey is a great option. You’ll love the cozy feel of this layer on a cool morning, but it’s easy to slip off when the sun gets high in the sky. Of course, as fall gives way to winter and the temperatures keep dropping, you can keep this Quarter Zip in your rotation even as your shorts get tucked away until the spring.

Other Considerations

As you get dressed in the morning, you might be torn between wearing pants and shorts. During a season like the fall, it can be tough to make that choice with confidence. When you find yourself on the fence, think about these points:

  • What will you be doing? This is perhaps the biggest key to consider, other than the weather itself. What activities are on the agenda for the day? If you’ll mostly be sitting and relaxing – like attending a sporting event, for example – you may want to lean toward pants to stay warm. However, if you’ll be on the go and keeping your body temperature up, shorts could be more comfortable.
  • Is moisture a problem? In the fall, the ground tends to be wetter with dew than in the summer. If you will be on the grass, such as when playing golf, wearing shorts might not be as comfortable because your legs could get wet.
  • Do you have the right shoes? Some pairs of shoes don’t look quite right with shorts. As you bring together your complete outfit for the day, don’t forget to factor your shoes – and even socks – into the equation.

Shorts and Much More

We are proud of our collection of shorts at V1946, but that’s just the start of what we have available. You’ll also love our stylish pants, shirts, and accessories, so don’t hesitate to spend some time browsing our selection. Not only will you look sharp when wearing clothes from V1946, you’ll also get great value for your money – these are quality products that are meant to stand the test of time.

Take a moment to explore our fall collection today and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.