Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Men

“Business casual” dressing is something that vexes too many men. How “business” is business casual, and how “casual” is it? It seems like a contradiction in terms. But if you know a few key purchases you can make, how to match your clothes properly, and how to wear proper-fitting clothes as best you can, you’ll likely find that mastering the art of business casual outfits isn’t as difficult as you thought. Here are a few of our favorite business casual outfit ideas for men using items you can find right here at Vintage 1946.

Everyday Business Casual


Wearing business casual doesn’t have to be about looking all business, all the time. But you should dress up well enough that you wouldn’t feel out of place in a board meeting, either. Where do the two ideas intersect? We think that if you combine the two pieces below, you’ll have a good head start:

  • Men’s Cotton Twill Pants. Take your pick! There are plenty of colors to choose from here, and you can always opt for something conservative like khaki or dark tan if you want to make sure that you’re office-ready. But feel free to try bolder colors, as well.
  • Sherpa Lined Washed Canvas Shirt. If you want to dress “business casual,” you’ll want to wear at least a button-down shirt. This canvas shirt features Sherpa lining, which makes it a bit more active and casual—but no one has to know if you button it down and pair it with a good pair of twill pants.

For a smart look, make sure that you tuck in this shirt, match your shoe color to your belt, and get yourself a proper fit.

Sneaky Chic


Let’s say you want to dress for the office, but you also want to be comfortable enough to handle a day of poor weather. Where does the need to look smart meet the need to be practical about your outerwear? We have a few ideas that can help:

  • 1x1 Rib Quarter Zip. We know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t this stretch the “casual” side of business casual a little too far? Actually, if you layer it over a button-down—and even a tie—you’ll have an outer layer option that won’t leave you looking like you don’t belong in the office. It’s also a sharp enough item on its own that it won’t get you any strange looks as you wear it at work.
  • Military Twill Pants. We think military twill makes for a great pairing with the quarter zip because it offers a slight contrast. It has that clean look of military precision, which helps “dress up” the quarter zip you’re wearing up top. And it will fit neatly with the button-down and tie you have underneath.

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