Business Casual Men’s Shorts: Dos & Don’ts

When thinking about business casual attire, shorts aren’t the first garment that come to mind. For men, the category of business casual is marked with polo shirts, slacks, and maybe the occasional shirt and tie. However, as businesses get more and more relaxed with their dress codes, shorts are starting to make their way into the rotation.

If you are permitted to include shorts as part of your business casual summer wear, we’d like to provide some tips to make sure you get it right. It is possible to wear shorts in a way that looks professional, but you’ll want to avoid some key mistakes. Of course, when you are ready to order the ideal pair of men’s business casual shorts, check out the collection here at V1946. We would love to serve you!

Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s get started by talking about some of the mistakes you need to avoid when picking out shorts that you’ll use for business casual attire. If you can simply steer clear of the three errors below, you’ll be well on your way toward looking great for that next meeting or corporate outing.

Incorrect sizing

This is a big one. Many men struggle to find shorts that are the right size, and those shorts don’t look neat and tidy as a result. While you don’t want to end up with shorts that are too small or too big, landing on the oversized side is more common. It should be pretty easy to pick out the right waist size for your needs, but remember to consider the inseam, as well. For example, our Micrograph Golf Shorts feature a 10’’ inseam, which is a suitable size for most men. However, if you are on the shorter side, you might find that this length goes down past your knees, resulting in a sloppy look. As an alternative, our Classic Vintage Twill Shorts are available in both 7’’ and 9’’ inseams, allowing you to get just the right length for your needs.


You may overlook the need to have your shorts free from wrinkles, as these are usually casual garments that don’t get a second thought after you pull them from a drawer. Just like long pants, however, you’ll want to make sure to clear up the wrinkles before you head out of the house. Follow the instructions provided on the tag to get rid of wrinkles in a way that won’t harm the material.

Too bold

There is plenty of room in fashion for bold colors and patterns, and we certainly feature a lot of that here on our site. With that said, business casual attire typically stays rather subdued and subtle. Instead of bright colors or loud patterns, stick with conservative solid colors that will go well with a variety of shirts and shoes. Here at V1946, you’ll find color options including navy, tan, and grey, making it easy to compose a versatile wardrobe.

Make sure your business casual shorts fit well, are free from wrinkles, and don’t feature any wild colors or patterns. With just these three basics checked off the list, you’ll be in great shape for a comfortable and stylish summer.

Other Important Considerations

As you shop for shorts, keep in mind whether you will tuck in your shirts or leave them untucked. If you plan on tucking in most or all your shirts, you will need to have shorts that include belt loops so a belt can be added to the outfit. Many shorts that will work for business casual purposes do include belt loops, but not all. Some versions so with a comfortable elastic waistband, which can be a nice choice, but won’t be suited to tucking in.

Also, keep in mind your need for pockets as you search for the right pair of shorts. Business casual shorts may need to be worn all day in a variety of settings, so it will be helpful to have plenty of pocket space available for your keys, wallet, phone, etc. Even the best-looking pair of shorts might not be very practical if it doesn’t have enough pockets to keep you organized during a busy day.

V1946 Delivers Quality and Timeless Fashion

For business casual shorts that are going to look great and stand the test of time, V1946 is the easy choice. With a variety of colors available and the perfect look for a professional setting, you’ll love what our shorts add to your wardrobe. Order your first pair today and see what you have been missing!