Build Your Spring Wardrobe with Men’s Colorful Shorts

Spring is here, and with it the opportunity to redo your wardrobe and spice up your style with some quality and colorful clothes. As a guy, you probably already have plenty of great graphic t-shirts, collared shirts, and other upperwear for spring.

But what about legwear? You don’t have to stick to plain jeans or boring shorts. Instead, you can make your style a little more bombastic and recognizable with colorful shorts in a variety of styles and materials.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you build your spring wardrobe with men’s colorful shorts from several of our top collections.

Colors to Consider

When it comes to springtime shorts and colors, bright is best. When people think of spring, they think of popping colors, bright sunshine, and expressive styles.

To that end, you should consider shorts in bright colors like green, red, orange, yellow, and so on. Many men also prefer shorts in pastel colors like baby blue or pink. Note that pastel colors go best with lighter shirts up top so your shirt doesn’t clash too much with your shorts choices.

Material Matters

When selecting new springtime shorts, make sure to choose shorts made of lightweight, breathable materials. Spring can get pretty hot, and odds are you'll want to wear the same shorts into the even hotter summer months ahead. Materials like cotton, linen, and poplin are ideal for ensuring maximum breathability and comfort for months to come.

The Best Colorful Shorts for Men in Spring

Now you know what to look for in colorful shorts for your spring wardrobe, let’s break down a few examples. Vintage 1946 has several stellar lines of colorful, comfortable shorts you can consider when putting together a new outfit or selecting a pair of shorts to go with a great new T-shirt.

Vintage 1946 Snapper Shorts

Our Vintage 1946 Snapper shorts are classic and colorful shorts that evoke styles and fashion ideas from earlier decades. With leg lengths of just 5.5 inches, these shorts are shorter than most other male shorts on the market. But that means they expose more leg skin to the springtime air and sun, making them perfect for getting that precious vitamin D we all missed during the winter. Plus, snapper shorts like these are super comfortable. Whether you enjoy a stroll at the park or along the beach, these snapper shorts will allow you to make the most of the springtime sunshine and breeze.

These shorts are superior in terms of hip comfort, as well. Each pair features an elastic waistband, so they don’t hug your waist too much or too tightly and a functional button fly.

These pairs of shorts are made of 100% cotton and are available in plenty of classic and bright colors. You can grab these snapper shorts in shades like navy, purple, aqua, lemon, prep blue, orange, and much more.

Simply put, if you have a color for your pair of shorts in mind, the Vintage 1946 snapper shorts collection almost certainly has it!

Vintage 1946 7-Inch Twill Shorts

On the other hand, maybe you’re interested in something a little more traditional. In that case, Vintage 1946’s twill shorts could be right up your alley. These are made of traditional Southern stretch twill, ensuring maximum comfort and durability over several months or years.

Every pair of shorts is washed with specific enzymes to achieve a unique, high-quality appearance regardless of the color you choose. These shorts are available in colors like navy, stone, sage, British tan, lemon, and much more. In other words, you can find lots of brightly colored twill shorts in this collection as well!

Since these shorts are made of 100% cotton, they are breathable and cool and perfect for keeping your legs comfortable even if it gets hot outside. You can select these in a classic fit with a flat front. They're perfect for combining with classic masculine shirts and shoes for a put-together yet casual springtime aesthetic.

Find Your Spring Shorts at V1946

All in all, it’s easier than ever to build your spring wardrobe with colorful men’s shorts through Vintage 1946. Our shorts collections are sure to have something perfect for you no matter your style or aesthetic preferences. Check out our spring collection today!