3 Reasons Now Is The Best Time To Buy Shorts

High-quality vintage shorts are hard enough to come by. But what about when summer rolls around, you realize that you’re sitting on a drab wardrobe, and your preferred options are all “out of stock”? If you want to update your look in time for summer, the best time to buy shorts isn’t at the end of May—it’s right now.

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons you should consider looking to stock up on your summertime shorts right now:

Summer Isn’t Always the Best Time to Buy

The idea is simple: summer rolls around, so it’s time to best time to buy shorts, right? While those of you in cold weather climates might question your sanity if you were to buy shorts before April, the truth is that the best time to find shorts on sale is in the off-season. If you have a favorite pair of shorts already picked out, now’s the time to search whether they’re on sale.

That isn’t to say that you should only buy shorts when there’s a deal, though. There are other potential issues with buying clothing when it’s only coming into season, such as:

  • What happens when May rolls around and you find your favorite shorts are out of stock?
  • Shipping time. If you want to guarantee that you’ll have your shorts in time for that first beach party, ordering in advance is the way to go.           

Saving and Planning

Maybe you don’t want to buy just one pair of shorts. Maybe you want to buy a whole bunch of them—and never have to worry about the versatility of your wardrobe again. Planning now gives you an advantage when buying shorts later.

You should also take some time to plan which shorts will fit best with your wardrobe. Do you need to spice things up with a color like Charleston Brick, or do you need the toned-down versatility of Navy Snappers?

The Options are Best During the Off-Season

In some climates, shorts are worn year-round. But there is an off-season, and it’s easier to have your pick of the litter in these off-seasons. That means you can choose from the available shorts at sites like Vintage 1946, including: 









Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts. These classic casual shorts are a great combination of simplicity and beach-friendly, especially when available in their wide array of colors.            

Snappers. These 5” shorts are for those hot days—which means you won’t want to miss out on the chance to have them ready to go in the dog days of summer. 

7” Pull-On Shorts. Though some shorts are considered “seasonal,” a hot climate pairing with pull-on shorts means these items will be perfect casual wearing all year long.   

Shop Vintage 1946

The best time to buy shorts? It’s simple: before you need them. To secure your next favorite pair of summer shorts before the time has come, visit the Vintage 1946 shorts section here at our site and pick out something you’ll be excited to wear come spring.