Best Summer Camping Fashion Ideas

Camping with your best buds can be a fantastic time, but only if you’re dressed for the weather! Whether you plan to camp in the mountains, in the desert, or on the picturesque coastline of a big lake, you need to wear the right clothes to avoid feeling chilly and exposing your skin too much to the wild elements.

Not sure where to start? We can show you the best summer camping fashion ideas so you look stylish and stay comfortable throughout your camping trip.

Jackets and Outerwear

Naturally, it's a good idea to bring at least a few jackets and outerwear clothing pieces to your next camping trip. Jackets can protect you from inclement weather and ensure that you're snug and warm when in your tent at night. They also make sitting around the fire much more comfortable. For maximum fashion, choose a leather jacket for a short camping trip or a more durable jacket in navy or black for longer camping excursions.

Some of the best outerwear articles aren’t overly thick, so you can wear them to take away the edge from the chill of morning or evening without sweating up a storm. Vintage 1946’s Full Zip Puffer Jacket is a great example, as it’s comfortable, stylish, and very durable. It’s super warm on cold days, yet light enough that you can wear it opened up for a bit of a breeze.

Stylish Long-Sleeves

Long sleeves can also get the job done in terms of keeping you warm on cold camping nights. Plus, they can be a little more comfortable while hanging out in your tent or RV. The right long-sleeve shirt will make you look very fashionable, even while in the wild.

Something as basic as a stylish Hanley could be just what you’re looking for. This Overdyed Mock Twist Henley from Vintage 1946 is a good addition to any stylish camping ensemble. You can wear this with khakis, cargo pants, or anything else you take with you on your upcoming trip. You’ll look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

Comfortable Pants

Comfortable pants are just as important as comfortable shirts and jackets. There are lots of fashionable camping pants you can use, like thick jeans (always a staple of masculine wardrobes) or cargo pants. Cargo pants in colors like green or brown are good for outdoorsy guys who want to look fashionable and always have a pocket available for an important tool.

On the lighter side of things, you can opt for jogger pants, like these Blue Ridge Joggers from Vintage 1946. Joggers are great for maximum comfort, like while sitting around the fire, but keep in mind that you may want something a little tougher and more durable if you plan to do a lot of hiking or other activities. The last thing you want is your pants to be torn up from branches or rocks while you are enjoying the outdoors!

Fashionable Boots

Boots won’t fail you in terms of summer camping fashion and overall practicality. They are great for hiking, tramping through the mud, and wading into the water to pick up a fish you just caught.

You’ll want to stay away from Chelsea boots for the most part. Instead, go for Timberland boots or other sturdy “work” boots, which are great for making you look your best and providing excellent traction on dirt or rocks. Of course, you can also opt for more practical fashion and choose your favorite hiking boots. These are exceptionally comfortable and the best choices if you plan to do a lot of walking on your summer camping trip.

Camping Accessories

Don’t forget to round out your ensemble with the right camping accessories. At a bare minimum, we would recommend some stylish sunglasses and a watch. A waterproof watch with a leather band and glow-in-the-dark functionality looks slick and ensures you’ll always be able to tell the time, even if you depart from your campsite without your phone.

Other accessories, like bracelets, necklaces, or handkerchiefs, are also fine. A handkerchief tied around your neck or forehead can make you look very stylish and fashionable while also serving the practical purpose of protecting your neck from the hot summer sun.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, these camping fashion tips will do wonders to keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish throughout your camping adventure. You don't have to look through dozens of retailers to find the right camping ensemble, either. Vintage 1946 has everything you need, ranging from athletic pants to outerwear, so check out our offers today.