Best Shirts to Have in Your Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe isn’t something that happens overnight. With this article, we’d like to focus on perhaps the most fundamental of all the items you have in your wardrobe: your shirts. Specifically, we’ll talk about how you can build a collection of shirts that will make it easy for you to dress in a stylish and comfortable manner for any occasion on your schedule.

Shopping at V1946 makes it easy to build up a wardrobe that includes not only great shirts, but high-quality pants, shorts, belts, and more. Feel free to explore our site and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

A Foundation of T-Shirts

It’s hard to imagine a well-rounded men’s wardrobe not including a collection of reliable t-shirts in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you like to wear t-shirts on their own, or you typically use them as a base layer for other garments, t-shirts are an essential piece to keep on hand.

A great example of a versatile t-shirt you can add to your wardrobe is our Negative Slub Pocket Crew Neck. Offered in a selection of colors, this t-shirt is made with cotton slub fabric, allowing it to be cool and comfortable throughout the summer. This shirt would serve you well as part of a casual outfit when matched with a pair of jeans, and you could also wear it under a button-down shirt, a jacket, or a hoodie. If you like the look of this t-shirt, be sure to also check out our Garment Dyed Slub Pocket Tee for another contender.

Versatile Shirts for all Occassions

Where t-shirts are a necessity for virtually every man, the rest of your shirt collection is going to depend on the things you like to do, what you wear to work, your local climate, and more. V1946 offers several popular options that will serve you in many occasions.


Just as casual as a t-shirt, a Henley offers warmth that is not found in a standard t-shirt, and typically comes in a long-sleeve design. We have several options in this shirt category, including our Stretch Jersey Henley, Fleece Lined Rib Henley, Heathered Rib Henley, and more. You can easily wear any of our Henleys on their own with a pair of jeans or khakis, or you can use this as a layer under a jacket for a cold morning or evening.


These kinds of shirts are great as second layers, worn over the t-shirts and Henleys we have mentioned above. For example, our Heathered French Terry Quarter Zip makes for an excellent outer layer when the weather is chilly but no rain is expected. This garment is made with a material that is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and the quarter-zip design makes it easy to pull on and off, as needed throughout the day.


What is a wardrobe without at least one or two hoodies? These tops are great for quick outings to the store, workouts, casual gatherings with friends, and so much more. When shopping for a hoodie, you want to make sure to find a couple of key elements. First, you’ll want one made with a comfortable material, such as our French Terry Hoodie. The hood also has functional drawstrings so you can manipulate it into a good position for whatever activity you are engaged in at the moment.

A Trusted Partner

As you create a wardrobe that will serve your busy lifestyle, it’s important to know where you can turn for good products. By shopping at V1946, you’ll always have a reliable option available for many of the different pieces that you wear from day to day. Whether this will be your first order or you have been shopping with us for years, we appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.