4 of the Best Preppy Pants for Men

Who says the preppy fashion style is only for a few guys fresh off the train and on the way to Harvard? Not us! In fact, lots of guys have discovered that the preppy fashion style helps them unlock new ways to express themselves and exemplify fashion like never before.

But there’s a lot that goes into successfully wearing preppy clothes beyond just donning a tweed jacket from time to time. In fact, your legwear can seriously help you achieve your preppy-style dreams, provided you wear the right trousers.

Let’s look at four of the best preppy pants for men and go into seasonal scenarios where some trousers might be more appropriate.

Corduroy Pants for Semi-Formal or Winter Shindigs

Corduroy pants are popular preppy favorites, and for a good reason. They’re comfortable and a little warmer than many other pants that suit the preppy fashion aesthetic, including tweed, jeans, etc., due to their color and style.

Corduroy pants, like those from Vintage 1946, are made with a 97% cotton, 3% spandex blend. More importantly, they are exceptionally stretchy and flexible without looking overly baggy. You’ll notice from images that corduroy pants tend to crumple up at the ankles and knees, adding to their preppy look.

Of course, your preppy pants can’t do all the work! Pair your corduroy pants with button-down shirts, shawl cardigans, and winter boots for winter get-togethers or semi-formal social occasions. Alternatively, try a turtleneck sweater in a color that complements the shade of your corduroy trousers to look right at home at any family party during the holiday season; a puffer jacket and boots can round out that sort of outfit.

Can Chinos Be Preppy? Yes, in Autumn and Elsewhere

Did you know that chinos can qualify as major articles in a preppy ensemble? That’s right, especially in the autumn and springtime months.

Chinos are similar to khakis but tend to be a little more dressy, thanks to their tapered shapes. Nevertheless, chinos can go well with any preppy ensemble, provided you pair them with the right things, like loafers, argyle socks, and a thermal Henley. That way, you’ll look suitably preppy (such that you could fit in on any college campus) without looking overly stuffy.

That interesting contrast is why many men like to wear chinos with their preppy clothes. In a way, it allows them to be preppy without being too preppy. You’ll see it when you try it!

Try Twill Pants with a Collared Polo

Suppose you want to look preppy at a major educational occasion, like a graduation ceremony, or a semi-formal get-together, like a lunch with old friends. In that case, you can’t go wrong with a collared polo shirt and twill pants.

Twill pants are perfect for preppy outfits because they look suitably relaxed and formal at the same time. They’re undoubtedly a little more suitable for office or semi-formal occasions than jeans. However, they are still pretty comfortable thanks to their southern stretch twill material and classic, relaxed fit. These Vintage stretch twill pants are perfect examples.

Combine them with some nice shoes and crew socks, and you’ll look right at home on the golf course, especially if you have a good hat, shades, and a watch with a leather band.

Or Consider Khaki Dress Pants for Spring and Summer Get-Togethers

What if it’s a little hot out, and you want to dress preppy without sweating up a storm? In that case, khaki dress pants could be right up your alley.

Khaki pants can look preppy, provided you get them in the dress style and the right color. These khaki dress pants from Vintage 1946 showcase what we mean. They are made from a combed cotton material and feature deep side pockets with a relaxed fit and regular rise.

With their shade, they look suitably preppy, especially if they are combined with a light-colored, pastel T-shirt or collared polo shirt (which you want to wear during the hot summer months anyway). You can combine them with nice shoes and a watch to look perfect for a semi-formal or casual wedding or a time out to eat with your friends.

Get the Look at Vintage 1946

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best preppy pants for men! Whether you’re searching for versatile corduroy trousers for winter or perfectly tapered chinos for spring, you’ll find it all at Vintage 1946.

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