Best Outdoor Light Jackets for Spring

The changing weather of the spring season calls for plenty of versatility within your wardrobe. If you head out of the house without options, it might be difficult to stay comfortable throughout the day. Dressing in layers is a good strategy for this time of year and having a selection of light jackets available will help you do just that.

We’d like to use this article to help you pick out the right outdoor light jackets for your needs. You can, of course, find some great options here at V1946, so don’t forget to explore our selection while you are here.

Characteristics of the Best Light Jackets

Before you can purchase a new outdoor light jacket, you need to know exactly what you want that jacket to do for you. That might sound obvious – keep you warm when it’s cold outside – but thinking more closely about this point will help you select the right product for your lifestyle.

Here are some traits often, but not always found, in light outdoor jackets. You will want to decide which of these is important to you before making your selection.

  • Warmth. These are called “light” jackets for a reason; nothing in this product category is meant to keep you warm while climbing Mt. Everest. With that said, some spring jackets are warmer than others, and this is an important point to keep in mind. For someone who lives in a southern climate, a lightweight jacket might be enough to keep the chill off when the sun sets. Our micro-fleece quarter zip is perfect for unpredictable or chilly spring days. It’s made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex and offers a comfortable stretch fit as well as a modern fit.
  • Waterproof design. Some jackets in this category are meant for use in the rain while others are not. If you expect to be out in the rain on occasion, you’ll obviously want to pick something that is going to hold up well against moisture and dry easily.
  • Hood. Often, light jackets meant for spring and fall use will include a hood as part of the design, but not always. The hood is useful not only for keeping your head dry in the case of rain but also for keeping some of your warmth in during chilly morning or evening outings.
  • Pockets/storage. A jacket that is going to be worn throughout the day will be more convenient to use if it offers plenty of storage like zippered pockets or even an extra pouch. With that said, such storage areas can make a jacket feel bulkier, so if you don’t plan on using your jacket to hold things like your keys or a phone, look at models without such features to keep things streamlined and comfortable.

Keeping these points in mind as you shop will make it much easier to make an informed decision. Knowing what you need out of a light jacket for spring, you can set aside the options that don’t fit your requirements and quickly zero in on something that will work perfectly.

The Value of a Hoodie

Depending on what you think counts as a “jacket,” you might not include hoodies in this conversation at first. When you think about it a bit closer, however, hoodies play a valuable role in any spring wardrobe. At V1946, we know the value of a quality hoodie, which is why we put so much time and effort into creating our French Terry Hoodie.

The French terry fabric we use to create this pullover is extremely comfortable and offers just the right amount of warmth for typical spring conditions. You’ll also enjoy the use of a drawstring to control the position of the hood, as well as knit cuffs to keep the sleeves from covering up your hands. You might want to consider using this piece as your go-to spring jacket in dry conditions, while also having a lightweight, waterproof jacket on hand for days when the forecast is a little wetter.

Find Your New Favorite Light Jacket at V1946

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