The Best Men's Autumn Shorts From Vintage 1946

In cooler climates, people tend to think about shorts as a “short”-term solution. They’re for the summer—and the rest of the year, long pants are best. But is this really the case? Are there great shorts you can wear throughout cooler seasons like spring, autumn, and even throughout the winter, depending on where you live? Let’s look at some of the best men’s autumn shorts from Vintage 1946!

Shop 9-Inch Shorts

If you want to keep the shorts but don’t want your legs to feel too cool as the temperature dips, the simplest way to have the best of both worlds is to get some shorts with more length. That typically means you’ll look for a 9” inseam.

Our Vintage Twill 9” shorts include plenty of great color options. These autumn shorts will keep your legs free and flexible while giving you the extra fabric you need to avoid too much exposure to a cool autumn breeze. Think of them as the “best of both worlds” between pants and short shorts. Go any longer than this and you risk upsetting the natural balance of the outfit and making your legs appear shorter.

Some colors that are especially great for autumn include: Charleston Brick, Dijon, Garnet, and Sage.

Look For Sales At The End Of Summer

The good news about this time of year? This is the time to buy shorts. Always look for the deals and sales that can make it easy to jump on an opportunity to acquire some great autumn shorts, especially when they’re at substantial discounts. At Vintage 1946, we offer an online sale collection so you can quickly browse through the items on sale. At this time of year, you’ll likely find all sorts of shorts and shirts that will work just well in autumn and spring of next year—or even all year long if you live in a warmer climate.

Wearing Shorts In Autumn

It’s totally possible to continue to enjoy your favorite pair of shorts during the autumn months. Simply pair them with sweaters and sweatshirts to keep yourself at just the right temperature throughout the entire season. Don’t avoid shorts simply because you don’t think you can wear them when it gets colder. It might be much more comfortable than you think!

Stick With The Classic

Although our 9” shorts are great for a variety of reasons, there’s no reason you have to abandon the classic 7” Twill shorts just yet. While shorter than the 9” version, these shorts still have more length than our shortest options, striking a nice balance between length and coolness. That can make them great to keep handy for the hottest days of summer, not to mention those hot days in Autumn before summer refuses to give up its grip on the thermometer.

Because these shorts have plenty of length, you can also pair them with vintage long-sleeve shirts for a breezy autumn look.

More From Vintage 1946

Want to keep your vintage summer look running, even when autumn rolls around? There’s no reason you have to give up just yet. Keep shopping the collections at Vintage 1946 to find the autumn clothes that are right for you.