Best Men’s Workout Pants for Cold Weather

If you love to exercise outdoors, the winter months can put a damper on your fitness habits. Sure, you want to get out and exercise, but the blast of cold air you get when opening the front door can be enough to send you scurrying back inside. To keep up with your workout routine when the temperatures fall, having the right apparel on hand is crucial.

We’d like to talk about what you should look for in a pair of cold weather workout pants. Most people default to shorts for workouts during warmer times of the year, but that’s not going to work on particularly cold days. Fortunately, the right men’s workout pants for cold weather will keep you comfortable and help you stay in shape until spring arrives.

The Right Features

It’s not hard to find a pair of pants, but it can be challenging to find pants that will work well for outdoor exercise. Even pants that serve you well for indoor gym workouts might not be a great option when you head outside into the cold. With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the key features to consider for outdoor workout use.

Plenty of Warmth

This one should go without saying. If you are going to exercise outdoors in cold conditions, you’ll want to make sure any pants you pick have enough thickness to keep you warm. Some exercise pants are intentionally thin to help you stay cool, and those can be useful on summer mornings, but they won’t be great in the dead of winter. Something like our Blue Ridge Joggers, on the other hand, use a blend of polyester and spandex to help you stay warm while meeting the rest of your workout needs.

Jogger Ankle Cuffs

It’s easy to overlook this point, but it’s critical when picking pants that will be used for intense exercise. Pants with an open cuff at the bottom are likely to drag on the ground, and you may even step on them while running or jumping. This is a particularly big problem for those who are shorter than average height. So, look for joggers when picking out workout pants, since the ankle cuff will keep the bottom of the pant up off the ground and away from your shoes. Also, these kinds of pants tend to feature a more modern fit, which is likely to be more comfortable for athletic pursuits.


Another key point is to make sure your chosen workout pants have enough flexibility to keep up with whatever you want to do. Pants that fit too tightly, or are made from a stiff material, will hold you back and may even rip in the middle of your workout. Synthetic materials tend to offer the flexibility you need in a fabric that will be used for workout pants, such as the polyester and spandex blend we use for our joggers.

Of course, the perfect pair of workout pants for you will need to cater to your specific needs and preferences, but keep in mind warmth, tighter fits, and flexibility. If a pair of workout pants checks off those three boxes, you’ll likely be happy with what they add to your wardrobe. To round out your workout apparel, make sure to stock up on layers for your upper body, like t-shirts and lightweight jackets that can come on and off depending on the weather and how hard you are working.

Useful in Other Areas of Life

A great pair of workout pants will take you through your toughest workouts in comfort. In addition, when you find a good pair of pants for this purpose, you’ll also find yourself using them for other purposes. With our Blue Ridge Joggers, it’s likely that you not only put them to use in workouts, but also for trips to the grocery store, outings with friends, and more. This is why it’s important to shop with quality brands like V1946 when picking out your workout apparel – good garments can serve more than one purpose in your life.

A Versatile Fitness Wardrobe

You never quite know what conditions you’ll find when getting ready for a workout. Even in winter, you may encounter some mild days where your shorts are a suitable option – but that’s not always the case. By having both pants and shorts in your workout collection, you’ll always have something on hand that is a good fit for the conditions. Order some new workout gear from V1946 today!