Best Men’s Vacation Shorts

Heading on vacation for spring break or planning a longer vacation during summer? In either case, you’ll want to dress for the weather no matter where you hang out with your friends and family members! That means purchasing a few pairs of new men’s vacation shorts.

But what kinds of shorts should you pick out? Ideally, you’ll want a set of shorts that:

  • Are comfortable
  • Are lightweight and easy to pack
  • Are stylish and versatile

Fortunately, there are plenty of pairs of shorts that fit all three criteria. Vintage 1946 has lots of top-tier men’s vacation shorts for you to check out. Let’s break down some top selling vacation shorts!

Vintage 1946 Snapper Shorts

First up are Vintage 1946 snapper shorts. The snapper shorts collection features a huge range of high quality, shorter than standard men’s shorts. In fact, these snapper shorts have inseams that end at just 5.5 inches. The classic short shorts for men are coming back in full swing so show off your style.

These quality snapper shorts feature elastic waistbands with functional buttons and flies. Taking care of business and staying comfortable is easier than ever. Plus, this range of shorts is made of 100% cotton and is available in both bright and classical masculine colors.

You can find a pair of snapper shorts that suits your aesthetic no matter what colors you prefer or what shirts and accessories you plan to wear while on vacation. Each of these shorts will feel breezy and comfortable all spring and/or summer long. They’ll also ensure that your legs get plenty of sun!

Gurkha Hybrid Shorts

Alternatively, maybe you’d prefer something a little more traditional. Vintage 1946’s men’s hybrid shorts are blends between classical shorts styles and Gurkhas, which are somewhat loose, baggy shorts that are supremely comfortable and excellent for summertime vacations.

These Gurkha hybrid shorts are made of quick-drying hybrid fabric. They could be ideal choices for spending time at the ocean or local lake. With 9" inseams and wide belt loops, they're easy to pair with any type of leather belt for added style. Each pair of shorts comes with a pair of deep pockets perfect for carrying keys, your wallet, and other essentials.

These shorts are extremely comfortable since they are stretchy and look very similar to modern casual shorts. For many guys, these hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946 are ideal picks for upcoming vacations due to their comfort, quick drying capabilities, and variety of available colors.

Sport Shorts

Don’t forget Vintage 1946’s sport shorts! These sport shorts are also made with quick-drying fabric, allowing you to wear them around the water without worrying about your legwear being ruined from a tumble in the pool.

However, these sport shorts feature elastic waistbands and functional drawstrings. They’re supremely comfortable and are made with casual relaxed fits. Feel free to wear these sport shorts while swimming, while working out, or even while engaging in physical activities like tennis or recreational sports.

To add to the summer vacation aesthetic, these sport shorts are available in a variety of fun prints and patterns, like camouflage and stripes. Ultimately, these are perfect if you plan to engage in recreational sports or physical workouts while on vacation.

Windjammer Shorts

Vintage 1946’s windjammer shorts make excellent men's vacation shorts as well. Like the above shorts collections, these windjammer shorts are made with a quick-drying hybrid fabric. They feature elastic waistbands, functional drawstrings, and long, comfortable 9" inseams.

Boasting a supremely comfortable casual fit, these can also be worn while at the beach, while working out, and even while swimming. Since they dry off so quickly, you could consider these windjammer or the above sport shorts as good alternatives to packing swim trunks. You can look stylish and be ready to jump in the water without too much trouble while wearing these.

Our windjammer shorts come in all kinds of colors and fun prints. No matter your aesthetics, odds are you’ll find a pair of shorts that goes with your style in no time.

Order Your New Favorite Vacation Shorts

These shorts lines are just a few examples of everything Vintage 1946 has to offer. In addition to the above shorts, we offer everyday lounge shorts, performance golf shorts, and much more. When it comes to men’s shorts for vacationing, we’ve got what you need. Check out our spring collection as well as our extensive shorts collection today!