Best Men’s Travel Shorts

Shorts are a great apparel item to have on hand for traveling. Often, people travel when the weather is nice and the temperatures are warm, so it makes sense that shorts should be in your travel bag for most adventures. Also, you tend to be on the go while taking trips, and the right pair of shorts will help you stay cool and comfortable.

But what does the right pair of men’s travel shorts look like, and where do you find them? Well, the answer to the second question is easy – at V1946, of course. For the first question, we’d like to discuss some key points in this article. The tips below should help you pick out great travel shorts that will make their way into your garment rotation while at home, as well.

Find the Right Features

Your search for travel shorts should start by planning the features you want in your shorts while on the road. It makes sense to think this way when picking out any garment, but it’s particularly important when traveling. You won’t have all your clothes with you, and you may not be able to change readily during the day, so getting it right from the start is helpful.

Here are some features you may find beneficial, depending on the type of traveling you plan to do.

  • Plenty of pockets. This is a no-brainer. Traveling often means having lots of things in your pockets, so having plenty of pockets available is a big advantage. In addition to your ID and your phone, you may also have a hotel key, keys to a rental car, some cash, and more. Shorts that skimp on pockets may become quite frustrating when you want to keep plenty of items with you on the move. To stock up on pockets, consider our Fishing Shorts. Despite the name, these can be worn for far more than a day out on the boat, and they include side cargo pockets along with the standard side pockets.
  • The right material. Wearing shorts that hold onto moisture and feel heavy by the end of the day is no way to travel. You’ll be better served by shorts that have a lightweight, synthetic material like our Micrograph Gurkha Hybrid. With these, you’ll get a great quick dry fabric that remains comfortable even in tough conditions. In addition, these shorts offer a clean flat-front look, a 9’’ inseam, and a zip rear pocket.
  • Get the length right. This is an overlooked yet important element of picking out men’s shorts. You almost certainly check on the length of any pair of pants you order, but you might not do the same with shorts. Inseam length is something that should always be considered when shopping for men’s shorts, and we have plenty of variety here at V1946. As mentioned, our Gurkha Hybrid shorts have a 9’’ inseam, which is a comfortable length for many men. However, you might want something shorter to stay cooler in hot weather. For that, look to our Stretch Snappers, which have a short 5.5’’ inseam to go along with a comfortable elastic waist.

If you can hit on these three features – pockets, material, and length – you’ll be left with a comfortable and versatile pair of shorts that is up for the challenge of whatever your travels may have in store.

Think in Pairs

Not only do you want your shorts to perform well on your trips, but you also want those shorts to pair nicely with some of your shirts. So, as you shop on our site, think about what shirts you’ll be wearing along the way. Whether you like to match up your colors or contrast them, pick out the right shades and styles to compliment the rest of your wardrobe.

Also, you’ll find that we have many great short sleeve shirts available that will go nicely with our shorts options. You can easily stock up your entire travel wardrobe without having to look anywhere beyond the V1946 site. We even have men’s belts to bring everything together perfectly!

Place Your Order Today

With so many quality men’s travel shorts to pick from, and such a great combination of style and value, V1946 is the only place you need to shop. Pick from one of the items we highlighted above, or any of the others in our extensive collection. Thank you for taking the time to consider V1946 and we are excited to receive your order!