Best Men’s Summer Shorts

If you are like many men, you may lose track of your pants over the course of a long summer. By the time September rolls around, you can’t remember the last time you wore long pants, and you might not even know where they are in your closet. Of course, to live this kind of lifestyle throughout the summer, you’ll need to have a great selection of men’s shorts in your wardrobe.

With this post, we’d like to help you find the best shorts for your needs. What features should you look for? What will you want to avoid? Let’s take a closer look at those questions and more. Of course, whenever you are ready to order some durable, fashionable men’s shorts to add to your collection, V1946 has exactly what you need.

Address Your Needs

While most people like to be outside during the summer, not everyone likes the same kinds of activities. One of the best shopping tips to keep in mind when searching for great shorts is to customize your selections to your preferred summer hobbies. For example, if you love to hit the links with your friends, a pair of our Micrograph Golf Shorts would be perfect. On the other hand, if long runs or other workouts are on the agenda, our Sport Shorts will serve you well.

Hoping to find versatility in your shorts so you can wear one pair all day long while going from one activity to the next? V1946 has some great options for that purpose. Our Gurkha Hybrid shorts are just as comfortable in the water as they are when relaxing by the fire for an evening barbeque. The stretch, quick dry fabric used in these shorts allows them to transition from the water back to dry land quickly, and the zip rear pocket gives you a place to hold valuables when not swimming.

Finding the Right Features

Finding the best men’s shorts for you comes down to finding the correct features in each pair. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that most shorts are pretty much the same – even minor differences can affect how your shorts feel and perform. Pay attention to the following features as you pick out the shorts you’ll add to your collection.

Inseam length

This is the best place to start when shopping for shorts. The inseam length is going to determine how much of your leg is covered by the shorts. Do you like shorts that go down to your knees and beyond? Or would you prefer a shorter fit that stops only halfway down your thigh? There is something for everyone in our collection, but you’ll need to consider this point before placing an order. On the short end, our Snappers have an inseam of just 5.5’’. For long shorts, our Himalayan model has a 10’’ inseam, which is enough to reach the knee or beyond on most men (depending on height).

Waist style

You’ll find two different types of waistbands when shopping for shorts: elastic and standard. Some elastic bands will still have belt loops, and pretty much all standard waistbands will include belt loops so you can keep the shorts in place. There isn’t a right or wrong here, so go with your personal preference and what makes sense for how you’ll use the shorts. Elastic may be more comfortable in some situations, but it will offer a relaxed look that you might not want in all settings.


A material that is going to wick away moisture and dry quickly is often a good pick for the summer months. Whether your shorts get wet from a dive into the water or just from sweating in the heat, fabrics that dry in a hurry will be more comfortable. Of course, natural fibers like cotton deliver a softer look and feel than synthetics, so you’ll have to decide how to prioritize comfort and performance. Many of our shorts use blended materials so you can get the best of both natural and synthetic fibers.

Take your time while picking out the best summer shorts for your lifestyle. At V1946, all of the information you need to make an informed choice is right there on our product pages, so you can identify which models have what you need.

Prepare for Every Summer Occasion

If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this – there is no one pair of shorts that will be perfect for every summer activity. Sure, there are versatile men’s shorts, such as many of the styles we feature at V1946, but you’ll want to have a variety of options available in your closet when summer arrives. Feel free to explore our site and contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting V1946!