Best Men’s Shorts for Squats

Having the right apparel is one of the big keys to success at the gym. Of course, the right clothes alone won’t get the job done – you still have to show up and do the work. But good gym clothes can make you more comfortable and even help you get through workouts more effectively. That’s particularly true when you plan to perform demanding whole-body movements such as squats.

At Vintage 1946, you will find men’s shorts that are suitable for whatever you decide to do at the gym. Whether you’re planning a few sets of squats, working on some lunges, or heading to the cardio machines, our excellent Sport Shorts will be up for the challenge. Order today or contact us for more information!

Squats are a Demanding Exercise

Anyone who has ever performed a set of squats understands just how difficult this movement can be. Squats are popular in the exercise community because they require many major muscle groups to work together, and the results over time can be impressive.

So, what characteristics should you be looking for in a pair of shorts that will be used for squats? The following three points are essential:

Flexible Material

As you move down deeper and deeper into your squat, your shorts are going to need to flex. If the material used to make your shorts can’t flex as you move, one of two outcomes is inevitable – the shorts will tear, or you’ll be forced to stop your squat short of its potential. Neither of those outcomes is desired, so pick shorts that use a stretchy material capable of moving right along with you throughout the exercise. Our Sport Shorts are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, providing plenty of flexibility for squats and other difficult movements.

The Right Length

Finding shorts that are the right length for squats can be tricky. This is a case where you have to get it just right, as either too short or too long can be a problem. If the shorts are too short, you might not have the coverage you need as you get all the way down into the squat. On the other side, shorts that are too long can catch on your knees during the exercise, stopping you from completing the move. We think you’ll find our Sport Shorts to be a perfect balance for squats and other gym work, as they feature a 7.5’’ inseam. This inseam length will suit most men nicely and will work for a variety of physical activities.

Elastic Waistband

Even with the right material and the right inseam length, things can still go wrong if the waistband isn’t flexible enough for demanding physical movements. That’s why we give our Sport Sports an elastic waistband – to make sure it can flex just as much as the rest of the garment when you are working hard. This feature also makes the shorts comfortable when using them for other purposes throughout day-to-day life.

Other Practical Considerations

Maintaining proper form during exercise is important, but our Sport Shorts can handle more than squats. We’ve included other practical features in our Sport Shorts to make sure they don’t let you down at any point in the day.

First, there is an interior compression short included in the design, cutting down on the total number of pieces you need to put on before heading to the gym (and this creates less laundry). Also, the quick dry nature of the fabric means you can run some errands or deal with other tasks after your workout, and you won’t feel sweaty the whole time. Finally, the addition of a rear zip and side pocket gives you a place to hold important items like your keys or phone.

Having the right shorts isn’t going to make squats easy, but it can make them a little easier. Without having to worry about your shorts holding up, you can pay attention to your form to keep yourself safe and maximize your results.

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Thank you for taking the time to consider Vintage 1946 as you add garments to your workout wardrobe. Our men’s sport hybrid shorts are not only flexible enough for deep squats, but they are also durable and comfortable. As a bonus, these shorts look great and will go with a variety of different shirts. Order a pair today and upgrade your gym experience immediately!