Best Men’s Active Shorts

Shorts are meant for an active lifestyle. If you like to keep yourself moving during the summer and throughout the rest of the year, you’ll want to have some great shorts available in your closet. But what makes for a quality pair of men’s active shorts?

As you might expect, V1946 offers a selection of active shorts for men. The great thing about shopping for shorts on our site is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance. Our shorts will keep you cool and comfortable and they’ll also look great at the same time. That’s a hard combination to find, so be sure to explore all the great designs we have available. We hope to receive your order today!

What’s Your Definition of Active?

This might seem like a silly question but defining what “active” means for you will help you pick the right shorts. When you plan to get outside for the day, what does that look like? Are you going to spend hours on the links, honing your golf game with some friends? Or are you more likely to go for a long run, passing mile after mile with no end in sight? These are very different activities, of course, and they require the right style of shorts.

As you think about what you’ll be asking your new shorts to do, keep these points in mind:

  • Do you expect to be sweating significantly while taking part in your favorite activities? A runner is almost certainly going to sweat a lot, while a golfer riding in a cart may not sweat at all. Those who expect to sweat will want to favor synthetic materials for their shorts, as they dry quickly and don’t get heavy and uncomfortable from holding onto moisture.
  • Some fabrics have more stretch or “give” than others, and this is an important thing to keep in mind. Activities that demand flexibility, such as doing squats in the gym, will require you to have shorts that are up to the challenge. Stiffer materials can be appropriate for certain occasions, but asking them to flex too much may be a recipe for tearing a hole along a seam.
  • Keep in mind the practical point of how many pockets you’ll want to have in your new pair of shorts. Some people find shorts with fewer pockets to be more comfortable, yet those pairs won’t be as versatile because you’ll lack room for things like a wallet, phone, and keys.

Most likely, you’ll take part in a variety of activities throughout the year, so owning just one style of shorts isn’t going to get the job done. Think about your favorite things to do and pick out the right pair for each of those pastimes.

Some Great Options from V1946

Our collection offers a wide selection of shorts that can serve you well for any given activity.  For instance, our golf shorts, as the name suggests, will serve you well if golf is one of your treasured hobbies. With a quick dry fabric, a generous 10’’ inseam, and a comfortable waistband, these will become your go-to garment when a warm day on the links is coming up.

Rather be on the water than the grass? No problem – turn to our Windjammer Shorts for excellent performance. These shorts also utilize a quick-dry synthetic fabric, but they include a slightly shorter inseam at 9’’. The drawstring on the waistband also helps you pull them tight before diving into the water for a swim.

For those who rarely let a day go past without getting in a tough workout, our Sport Shorts should grab your attention. At just 7.5’’, most men will find these comfortable for various workout activities like running, lifting weights, stretching, and more. Features include an elastic waistband, quick dry fabric, and built-in interior compression shorts. This is a great pair of shorts to have on hand when you need something to remain comfortable while pushing your body to the limits.

Add to Your Wardrobe Today

It’s a frustrating experience to not have the right garments in your closet to suit the activities you have in mind. If your current collection of shorts isn’t getting the job done, order a pair today from V1946. We think you’ll love the combination of quality, comfort, and style that our options provide. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy shopping!