Best Hiking Shorts for Men

It’s hard to beat hiking as a summer activity. While plenty of people enjoy hiking throughout the year, summer is when the trails really start to fill up. With beautiful weather, plenty of daylight, and countless destinations available, summer hiking season rarely disappoints.

Having the right items available in your closet can enhance your enjoyment of this activity dramatically. Given the potential for spending long days on the trail logging countless miles, you want your clothes to be comfortable and offer the right performance characteristics. Vintage 1946 offers a wide selection of men’s hiking shorts that will not only meet your performance expectations, but they will look great at the same time. Order today and be prepared for your next outdoor adventure!

Three Key Components

It’s hard to know where to start when trying to find a pair of hiking shorts that will suit your needs. There are countless options for hiking shorts available today, both online and in your local stores. So, what makes a good pair of hiking shorts? Start with the following three key points –

  •  Inseam length. For comfort purposes, this is a big point. Not all shorts are the same length, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the inseam length on any pair that you may purchase. Unfortunately, there isn’t one ideal length for every man, so you’ll need to figure out what works best for you. When hiking, you’ll probably want to avoid shorts that are too short – given the possibility of bugs and brush along the trail. Therefore, some leg coverage is desirable. For example, our Micrograph Windjammer Hybrid shorts offer a 9’’ inseam, which is a nice sweet spot for many men.

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  • Performance material. Heavy cotton shorts just aren’t going to be very comfortable for a long day – or even a short day – on the trail. Yes, traditional cotton shorts feel great when you put them on, but they will quickly get heavy and sticky as you start to sweat. Something like our Micrograph Sport Shorts would be a better bet, as they use a polyester and spandex blend material for a lightweight, comfortable feel. There is nothing wrong with cotton shorts in the right place and time but save them for relaxing at home and use a performance material when heading out for a hike.

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  • Think about pockets. You may need to take a few things with you when going out for a hike. On a longer hike, it may be necessary to take a backpack for all of your things – but that won’t always be the case when it’s just a short hike for a few miles. If you went with our Space Dyed Everest shorts, you would have access to a rear zip pocket as well as front Velcro patch pockets. The storage these shorts provide, along with their comfort, makes them excellent for a day hike.

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Hitting on the three points above will almost ensure that you have a pair of shorts that is ideal for your hiking needs. Of course, there is some room for personal taste on these points, so take some time to think about how long you like your shorts, how many pockets you would use, and what you’d like those shorts to feel like out on the trail.

The Value of Looking Sharp

It would be easy enough to think that the way your hiking shorts look doesn’t matter much. After all, who is going to see you out in the woods? Well, for one thing, you may be hiking with friends, so you’ll want to dress in a presentable manner.

Also, it’s worth remembering that going for a hike might not be the only thing that you are doing for the day. What if you are going to meet someone for lunch first and then head out for a hike? Or maybe the hike comes in the morning before you stop by the office to take care of some work. Whatever the case, buying hiking shorts that look as good as they perform will make life easier. And when you want garments that look great but are still capable of keeping up with your active lifestyle, there is only one place to turn – Vintage 1946.

Plenty of Options on Hand

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your hiking wardrobe is to accumulate a collection of varied pieces. With a closet full of options, you’ll be able to pick and choose your wardrobe from each outing based on the weather conditions, length of the hike, and more. Start stocking up today by ordering a few pairs of quality men’s hiking shorts from Vintage 1946. We are excited to serve you!