The Best Clothing Gifts for College-Bound Students

College kids need a lot of things, including wardrobes with all the clothes they’ll need for four complete seasons! If your child is college-bound, you can do them a favor by picking up some great clothes for the summer season so they start off their college experience right. Read on to find some of the best clothing gifts for college-bound students! Let’s look at some ideas so you can start your shopping trip.

1.      School Jerseys and Sweaters

You should know where your child is planning to attend college. Why not give them the opportunity to showcase some early school spirit by packing them a few school Jerseys and sweaters with their university’s logo?

School Jerseys and sweaters are great gifts for college-bound students since they fit in a variety of social situations and they help your child get in the spirit of their school. Plus, Jerseys and sweaters can be worn in the summer and fall months, respectively.

2.      Collared Tees and Polos

Maybe your college-bound kid needs some more upper wear options for the immediate weather. In that case, collared T-shirts and polo shirts are great options. Not only are these reasonably professional for stricter professors at their chosen school, but they’re also comfortable and classy in equal measure.

Vintage 1946’s polo shirts come with modern fits and are designed for ultimate comfort above all else. They’re stretchy, lightweight, and made of luxuriously soft modal fabric: a unique 68% modal and 32% polyester blend. These 3-button polo shirts are perfect for any classroom environment and for hanging out with friends after class.

3.      Sport Shorts

Then there are sport shorts! Sport shorts are perfect spring and summertime apparel since they are short, comfortable, and usually very lightweight. Of course, some sport shorts go above and beyond, like Vintage 1946's sport shorts options.

Specifically, these sport shorts are made of a stretchy, quick-dry fabric. This makes them perfect for alternating between a dry classroom and hanging out with friends at the pool or in the ocean. You can send a few pairs of sport shorts to your college-bound student and they'll be sure to thank you, especially since Vintage 1946’s options come in several different colors and styles.

4.      Gurkha Shorts

Or you could consider sending your college-bound child some Gurkha shorts instead. Gurkha shorts are longer than average, but exceptionally comfortable and are perfect for both hanging out with friends and for studying in class.

Vintage 1946’s Gurkha shorts are also made of a hybrid quick drive fabric. Each pair of shorts is stretchy and features a gusseted crotch to ensure functional movement and ultimate support. Plus, these shorts come with interior mesh pocketing and a secure zippered rear pocket: perfect for more forgetful college students who need to keep their wallets, keys, or other important items safe. Odds are any college student will be happy to receive a few pairs from their parents!

5.      Dress Pants

Don’t forget to send your college kid a few pairs of dress pants. Dress pants are important for job or internship interviews, which your college-bound student may encounter in the first few years of their college experience. Dress pants are also great for certain classroom environments, as well as attending more formal events with a fraternity or sorority. For even more style points, make sure the dress pants are tailored to fit your child perfectly.

6.      Sandals and Sneakers

Keep your college kid’s feet cool with comfortable sandals and sneakers. These are great footwear options for the spring and summer months, especially as college is just beginning. Plus, many professors are relatively relaxed when it comes to footwear these days, so odds are your college-bound student will be able to wear comfortable sneakers or sandals to most, if not all, of their classes.

7.      Favorite Clothes from Home

Last but not least, consider sending your college student a few of their favorite clothes from home. College kids are usually overeager to get out of the house, so they might forget their favorite graphic tee or favorite shoes. Send these in a care package to both remind your child of home and to give them a gift that can’t be matched by anyone else.

Find the Perfect College-Bound Gifts at Vintage 1946

As you can see, there are lots of great clothing ideas you can use when putting together a care package for your college-bound student! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Vintage 1946’s Spring Collection for even more stylish picks.