Best Board Shorts for Men

Board shorts are an extremely popular piece of attire for men throughout the summer months. Typically defined by their longer inseam as compared to other types of shorts, board shorts will usually run down to the knees – and even beyond. While the name “board shorts” is a reference to their popularity in the surfing world, these kinds of shorts can be put to use for a range of summer activities.

If you’d like to add a few pairs of board shorts to your wardrobe for the summer ahead, there are a few key points to consider while shopping. Below, we’ll take a look at some tips on how to shop for board shorts, as well as highlighting three popular options from the Vintage 1946 line.

How to Pick the Right Board Shorts

There are a couple of keys to keep in mind when picking out board shorts – or any kind of shorts, for that matter. As a starting point, you’ll want to keep in mind the kinds of activities that you expect to take part in while wearing the shorts. The right pair of shorts for spending a day on a boat swimming or fishing might not be the right pair for a late night spent out by a bonfire.

When you plan on your shorts getting wet, you’ll want to choose a pair that features a quick dry fabric. Usually, this kind of fabric is going to be a polyester blend, as the fibers in those kinds of materials dry out quickly so you can go on with your day. You’ll want to stay away from materials featuring a significant amount of cotton for aquatic activities, as those will stay wet long after you have left the water.

The other key here is to consider your personal preferences in terms of style and comfort. Some people like their board shorts longer than others, for instance, so pick the right inseam length to make sure the fit is appropriate. It’s likely that you will want to have at least a couple of different pairs of men’s board shorts in your wardrobe for various events that will take place throughout the summer.

Top Picks From Vintage 1946

Here at Vintage 1946, we take pride in bringing modern performance to the table along with classic style. That’s a hard pairing to find, and we believe we have mastered it for our customers. For board shorts, you’ll find outstanding performance characteristics and great looks in each of the three styles presented below.

Himalayan Hybrid Shorts

With a 10’’ inseam, these shorts will hit down around the knee for most men, if not below the knee. With a material that includes polyester, cotton, and spandex, these shorts are extremely comfortable and well-suited for a range of dry activities. The flat front design gives them a modern, clean style, while the combination of zipping and Velcro pockets allows them to be highly practical for those with a busy schedule.

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Gurkha Hybrid Shorts

These shorts differ from our Himalayan model in several ways. The inseam here is 9’’ as opposed to 10’’, and the material features just polyester and spandex. You’ll get a lot of flexibility from this material, making the shorts perfect for active days at the beach and beyond. The zipping rear pocket will help keep your valuables secure even as you move around.

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Windjammer Hybrid Shorts

A model that shares a lot in common with the Gurkha Hybrid, the main difference you’ll find when ordering our Windjammer Hybrid shorts is the elastic waist and drawstring, rather than a waist with belt loops and a button. If you are after a casual look that still delivers some style while offering all of the performance features you need to be active in the summer, the Windjammer is an excellent pick.

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Adding a couple pairs of board shorts from the list above to your wardrobe will give you plenty of options to pick from on the average summer morning. The great thing about shopping with Vintage 1946 is that you don’t have to sacrifice on style just to get the right performance for your favorite activities. You can trust that you are going to look great regardless of which pairs you select.

No matter what activities you plan to enjoy while wearing your new board shorts, there is sure to be a product on our site that serves your needs perfectly. And, when you order from Vintage 1946, you can be sure that you’ll not only receive a great product but great customer service, as well. Contact us today with any questions you may have, and we look forward to receiving your order!