What’s the Best Alternative to Men’s Jeans?

Jeans are classic legwear staples for several good reasons. They’re versatile, durable, and comfortable, especially once you break them in. There’s only one problem: they don’t fit every situation, and from time to time, you might want some trousers that are a little more specialized or suited to specific occasions. When that happens, you need to of the best alternatives to men’s jeans. So let’s look at five unique options for various social settings and wardrobe objectives.

Khakis for the Workplace or Casual Hangouts

For a good reason, khakis are wardrobe staples for many men and women. They’re classic workplace trousers that actually started as military pants due to their durability and standard brown color. But these days, khakis are available in several shades ranging from tan to cream to green and more.

Khakis are great alternatives to jeans if you need workplace legwear or want to wear something that will suit the situation if you head straight to a social occasion from the office or warehouse. Vintage 1946’s Charleston Khakis are made of unique combed cotton material for added comfort. Their design also features a relaxed fit, so they will fit straight and slim on your hips and thighs to highlight your silhouette.

Chinos Are Always Smart

Of course, you can’t go wrong with chinos. Chinos are technically offshoots of khakis, though the two trouser types are now distinct enough to be considered separately. Chinos are comfortable, versatile, and made of a lightweight and breathable fabric that is ideal for warmer days (or early autumn). They also have a tapered cut, so they are wider at the thighs and hips and narrower near the ankles.

In any case, chinos are available in many different colors, like green, red, orange, brown, and more, so they’re perfect if you are looking for casual workplace trousers or good social trousers to wear to an outing with friends or a casual day night.

Stretch Corduroy Pants for Nice Dates

What if you want to get dressed up for a nice date without going all formal on your significant other? In that case, stretch corduroy pants, like these options from Vintage 1946, could be just the ticket.

Stretch corduroy pants are stretchy, comfortable, and still look a little more formal than standard jeans. The stretch corduroy pants from Vintage are made with a modern fit and a 97% cotton, 3% spandex blend for added comfort and stretchability.

Vintage Twill Pants for Business

Need to look sharp for an upcoming meeting at the office? Then, Vintage 1946 twill pants are the perfect choices, especially compared to jeans! Take these twill pants from the Vintage collection, for example. They feature full-construction Southern twill and a flat front for a classic, mature look. They’re also comfortable and relaxed, so your thighs and hips won’t feel sore or stiff after sitting in an office chair all day.

Stretch twill pants straddle the line between formal business-wear and more casual business articles, so they are perfect for tech companies, startups, and other office environments where you don’t have to wear a full suit to work every day.

Joggers for Exercise

Jeans aren’t always the best option when you have a busy day filled with action. Instead, you’ll want dedicated jogger pants, which are stretchy, comfortable, and made with unique material blends.

Joggers are similar to sweatpants in that they allow you to move without the restriction of jeans. But they aren’t as hot or sweat-inducing, so they could be ideal for working out in the spring, summer, and fall months when you want to exercise outdoors without getting too hot. Of course, joggers are also great for lounging around the house or running to the grocery store on a Saturday evening when you forgot something for dinner.

Get the Look at Vintage 1946

Bottom line: there’s a type of trousers that’s perfect for every occasion if you can’t or don’t want to wear jeans for whatever reason. Whether you’re looking for something more formal, like stretch corduroy pants, or casual legwear options, like joggers, Vintage 1946 has what you need.

If you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, shop the Vintage 1946 catalog today.