Are Shorts the Perfect Winter Gift?

For those in the northern hemisphere, the holiday gift-giving season falls just at the start of winter. That means many people are dealing with cold temperatures and wet weather – not exactly the conditions you think of when talking about shorts. However, despite the weather outside during the holiday season, shorts actually make an excellent gift during this time of year. Let’s take a moment to talk more about how shorts make the perfect winter gift.

Looking Ahead

Even in the coldest climates, shorts can make a fun gift as a way to look ahead to warmer weather. When stuck in the middle of a long, snowy winter, it is easy to feel like the cold will never end. By giving the gift of a pair of quality men’s shorts, you’ll help the recipient look forward optimistically to more inviting weather. Suddenly, as the calendar turns to January and there are a couple of pairs of new shorts waiting to be tried out, spring won’t feel like it is so far away.

Getting Away

For those who just can’t wait for spring to come back, shorts can be an ideal gift in advance of a trip south to a warmer climate. Some people may head south for a week or two to visit the beach, play some golf, or just sit out and soak up the sun. If you know someone with this type of trip on their agenda, consider giving the gift of a pair of shorts from V1946 as a way to help them get ready.

Pick a Versatile Option

While V1946 is proud to offer many options, our Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts are a great place to start. These shorts offer a traditional, clean look that nearly any man will appreciate. And, since they are available in several different colors, you can choose the look that will best suit the family member or friend who will receive them. Some of the standout features of these durable shorts include:

  • 9’’ inseam. This length is a great fit for many men, as it is long enough to cover a comfortable amount of the leg while not extending too far beyond the knee for men of average height.
  • Blended fabric. These shorts feature a fabric that is 98% cotton for a lightweight feel and breathability, while the remaining 2% is spandex for flexibility and comfort.
  • Flat front. If you are looking for shorts that offer a clean, modern look, a flat front design is preferred over pleats.
  • Plenty of sizes available. For a perfect fit, we are happy to offer sizing at each inch from 30 – 38, which sizes 40, 42, 44, and 46 are also offered.

Find the Perfect Pair of Shorts

Whether you would like to order a pair of shorts for yourself or someone special in your life, V1946 is the right place to shop. We have quality products available at fair prices, and our customer service will always exceed your expectations. Place an order today or contact us if you need assistance. Thank you for visiting V1946!