Are Corduroy Pants Back in Style?

When you think of corduroy pants, you may think that this style has long since come and gone, leaving its popular days in the 90s. That’s not the case, however. Corduroy pants are making a reemergence and V1946 offers a great selection of corduroy pants.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at what it is that makes corduroy pants so popular.

Did Corduroy Pants Ever Leave?

While trends come and go as the years pass, it could be argued that the popularity of corduroy pants never really faded away. The prevalence of this fabric has waxed and waned through the decades, with the 70s and 90s giving new life to this style. However, this material has been around for too long to be called a fad. The roots of corduroy date back centuries, with modern day corduroy emerging in the 18th century during the Industrial Revolution. What started as a sturdy material for workers has now found itself on fashion runways and in the closets of modern day men.

The Many Benefits of Corduroy

Let’s take a moment to look at why so many men continue to look to corduroy when choosing their pants.

Strength and Durability

Unlike other fabrics like silk or even pure cotton, corduroy is a strong material that can hold up for years. Although originally made of silk, modern day corduroy is a mix of cotton with nylon or polyester. The fabric remains soft to the touch but the mix of fabrics ensures that your pants retain strength and durability.

Low Maintenance

Preserving a tailored pair of pants, especially suit pants, requires maintenance and care. However, because of corduroy’s durable nature, this fabric requires little maintenance and cleaning. The fabric is more difficult to wrinkle, and can be spot treated when stains arise. For stubborn stains or spots you may consider taking it to a professional drycleaner.

Classic, Unique Style

Corduroy pants offer something that other types of pants simply don’t deliver. The fabric consists of tiny, vertical grooves and ridges that aren’t found in other materials. This look is distinctive and easy to recognize, and it might be the perfect thing to add to your wardrobe options if you are getting tired of the boring old basics. The ridges are eye catching and interesting, and it can give your outfit more texture and complexity without the need of graphics or additional colors.  

We Do Corduroy Right

It’s not good enough just to buy any pair of corduroy pants. Rather, you want to make sure you buy a quality product that has all the practical features you need in pants that you are going to wear regularly. When you look at our Stretch Corduroy Pants, you’ll see a well-balanced garment that is available in several colors and looks good either dressed up or dressed down.

For starters, we use 21 wale corduroy which means the cords are very tightly packed with minimal space between them. Also, as the name would suggest, we use a stretch fabric that is a blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. This lets the garment breath to keep you comfortable, and it delivers the softness so closely associated with cotton. At the same time, the presence of a small amount of spandex delivers the flexibility that makes these such comfortable pants to wear while on the go.

This garment represents just one of the many great products available on our site. Whether you are looking for clothes for professional or personal purposes, you’ll find something to love at V1946. Take some time to explore our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Have fun shopping!