Vintage Style Alternatives To Jeans – Pants Options For Men

When you think of the classic American vintage wardrobe, what do you picture? Chances are, denim plays into that vision somehow. And denim jeans are indeed one of the hallmarks of the classic American wardrobe.

But what if you’re already set on jeans? How else can you spruce up your outfits to “business casual” with that relaxed vibe—and not repeat the same outfit twice? What about alternatives to jeans?  We’ve got you covered with a few tips for breaking outside the mold with versatile pants other than jeans.

Two Words – Stretch Twill

Stretch Twill pants are the answer to that question you’re inevitably thinking: “how do I find pants that are just as comfortable as jeans?” If you wear jeans all the time, chances are you’re used to that soft cotton feel of denim—and you don’t want to give it up.

As alternatives to jeans, Stretch Twill pants however, might just be an upgrade. Not only is the fabric cotton, but the stretchiness contained therein will give you the flexibility to move around with ease. These pants are perfect for business casual outfits around the office or even for relaxing around the house. And if you aren’t quite ready to veer too far off of your traditional fashion radar, stick with the dark denim color to keep your wardrobe consistent. You’ll instantly add a dozen new outfits to your closet with one simple purchase.

For the Cooler Months – Stretch Corduroy

Stretch Twill are light and breezy, perfect jean alternatives for spring, summer, and fall. But what if you live in a cooler climate and need something with a little more heft for winter?

Truth be told, Stretch Twill can handle winter perfectly well. But for those colder days, corduroy is the perfect option when looking for pants other than jeans. Because some jeans can give a little too much to the cold weather, it’s important to cover up your bottom half as well as the top. The corded, textured quality of corduroy not only feels better but also matches the late fall and winter season to a sartorial “T.

Which color should you pick? If you’re strapped for cash, you might want to pick something a little less seasonal and more versatile, such as Oatmeal. Mahogany, on the other hand, is a little more festive and makes a great way to dress for Thanksgiving at the parents’ house.”

Try Something New

Of course, none of this works unless you’re willing to try something new. Jeans are great—they’re one of the best “fall back” options in the entire world of fashion. But that doesn’t mean they should be the only pants in your wardrobe. By expanding your horizons, you can pair old sweaters with new pants and create an entirely new dimension to your outfits—and it doesn’t require hundreds and hundreds of dollars to do it.

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