Three Alternative Men's Shorts To Try

Your standby shorts are always great, but sometimes you want something different. You want something that can pair with a button-down for a “sharper” look, or you want to try something else to mix up your casual wardrobe. If you find that you already have too much of a certain kind of shorts in your wardrobe, here are three alternative men’s shorts you can try that will have you looking and feeling your best!

Seersucker Shorts

These Seersucker Shorts in Tan are light, airy, and comfortable. They feature a dimpled texture that prevents the fabric from sticking to your skin, ensuring the free flow of air. In other words, these are the ideal shorts for hot days, which makes them an ideal pair of alternative men’s shorts whenever the mercury starts rising. These shorts are not only comfortable; they also add a whole new dimension to your look that you may never thought of having before.

Stretch Twill Shorts

Classic shorts like denim are made from cotton. So is twill. Denim can be smart and casual. So can twill. In short, Stretch Twill Shorts are something like a close relative of denim. But since they come in a variety of colors that can work with just about any type of weather and climate, they can be surprisingly versatile. That versatility rivals even denim, which is why Stretch Twill can be such a valuable addition to any wardrobe—not just the wardrobe of a man who’s looking for a valid denim alternative. 

Want to ease into Stretch Twill without missing a beat? Then we recommend trying these Sunny Stretch Twill Shorts in Stone. You can wear them with anything you’d wear with a pair of denim jeans or denim shorts, and you’ll enjoy just as much versatility and comfort.

Navy Vintage Twill

What if you want an alternative but don’t want to venture too far off from your favorite shorts styles? Well, you don’t have to. There are several shorts that will share many of the same characteristics of those that you’re familiar with while still smartening up your wardrobe.

Consider these Classic Vintage Twill shorts in Navy. These are 100% cotton and comfortable enough to wear in a variety of situations. Plus, the color itself will mimic the versatility of your other shorts, allowing you to pair them with just about any top you like, from T-shirts to button-downs.

More Shorts From Vintage 1946

It’s true: khaki and denim shorts are classic American looks. But that doesn’t mean they’re your only option. By browsing through these Vintage 1946 shorts, you can find the kind of alternative men’s shorts to keep your look fresh while still feeling just as comfortable as ever.