Affordable Vintage Clothing: Maximize Your Fashion Budget

We all want classic clothes in our wardrobe that maintain their staying power and provide versatile options for all seasons. But not all of us want to pay for it. For the budget-conscious sartorial experts out there, there’s only one option for improving your wardrobe while staying true to your checking account: affordable vintage clothing. At Vintage 1946, we have a few clothing recommendations and tips to help you get the most out of your fashion budget.

Tip #1: Browse the Sales Page First

This is crucial if you're shopping on a budget. When you browse your favorite clothing store, don’t even bother with the items that aren’t on sale. Zoom in and lower your focus simply to those items that are already on sale.

Tip #2: Include Clothing in Your Regular Budget

At Vintage 1946, we maintain a collection of sales populated with items from a variety of categories. There, you’ll see slashed prices on many of our popular items. You’ll find many affordable vintage clothing items with discounts as low as 50% from the original price of your purchases.

For many of us, there are two budgets in our lives: our clothing budget and our regular budget. Far too often, these budgets are completely independent of each other.

We can’t tell you how to manage your money, but if you include a sub-category in your budget for clothing, you’ll know exactly what you can spend each month. There are plenty of apps and money monitors available online that automatically track all purchases. You can even set an email alert for when you go over your clothing budget.

Tip #3: Buy Items that Already Fit Your Wardrobe

One of the most underestimated aspects of buying clothes isn’t how much you pay, but how much you actually wear what you paid for. For example, if you buy a pair of simple blue jeans that will last you for years as you wear them every week, you’ve made a great investment. Even if those jeans cost twice as much as the next pair, getting twice as much use out of them justifies the price.

Tip #4: Sell or Donate the Clothes You Don’t Wear

This is also helpful when looking into your closet. What items do you wear most often? What colors and clothes would match what you already wear? Buy what’s useful and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

If you want some extra cash in your clothing budget, you can always sell the clothes you don’t wear. Regularly go through your dresser and closet to find those items you haven’t put on in years. Start selling those “someday I might wear this” items so you have more cash available to buy items you will wear. Even donating those items can help you focus on the types of clothes you do want to buy.

Shop Vintage 1946

Staying within your fashion budget for affordable vintage clothing shouldn’t be a chore. Stick to these tips and shop at Vintage 1946, where you’ll find all sorts of opportunities to save.