Stretch Twill Shorts: How To Dress This Summer

It’s nearly summer, but you think you have your wardrobe under control. After all, you have some worn-down old shorts from last summer you can use. And even if you don’t have enough shorts, you have enough shirts that no one will notice.

Wrong! This summer isn’t only about having more than one pair of shorts—it’s also about having the right pair of shorts. Here’s our guide for dressing the right way this summer with Sunny Stretch Twill shorts.

The First Step: Procure the Shorts

We know you might be hesitant to invest in a new pair of shorts this early. But with the heat rising and the summer parties just around the corner, now’s as good a time as any to mix up the ol’ summer wardrobe. Here’s why Sunny Stretch Twill makes such a uniquely comfortable short for summer:

  • Not too long, not too short. That’s the key these days: go too long and it will look like you’re wearing cargo shorts even when you’re not. Go too short and it will look like you’re wearing spandex. Go for 7” shorts, however, and you’ve found the sweet spot.
  • Stretchy, flexible fabric. Summer is a time of activity: sports, parties, vacations, and exercise. If your shorts aren’t able to handle a little bit of twisting and turning, what good are they? The stretchy fabric of Sunny Stretch Twill shorts is partly due to the influx of spandex fabric contained within.
  • A vintage look. Our “vintage washed” look will keep everything that’s modern about these shorts while instilling a classic vibe into the fabric. There’s something both old and new about a good pair of Twill shorts—which is another way of saying that they’re timeless enough for you to continue wearing these shorts for years to come.

Once you’ve made your choice of shorts, you’re ready to go to the next level: matching your existing wardrobe to a pair of Sunny Stretch Twill shorts.

What to Wear with Sunny Stretch Twill

Once you know the principles of good style, you should have no problem finding some stuff in your wardrobe that will work great with Sunny Stretch Twill:

  • Know your fabrics. Sunny Stretch Twill is mostly cotton, so try to go “all-cotton.” Yes, that means looking at a few of your shirts and reading the labels—something that most people never bother to do.
  • Keep it casual. It’s tempting to dress with a buttoned shirt every time you go out wearing shorts this summer, but you don’t have to always wear buttons to stay appropriately dressed—especially when it’s hot out. Just make sure that your shirt fits you as snugly and as comfortably as your shorts do.

When it comes to finding a great pair of shorts this summer, it isn’t rocket science. But it does pay to know the difference between Sunny Stretch Twill and the same old cotton shorts you’ve worn the past few summers. When the heat hits and you’re moving around outdoors, you’ll notice that difference with ease.