Summer Pants: How to Stay Sweat Free

When you have a formal event to attend in the summertime, the weather might present you with a problem: you don’t want to be so hot that you actively sweat through your clothes. But let’s face it. Sometimes, wearing shorts just isn’t an option. Sometimes you have to stay dressy—hopefully at a formal event with some air conditioning relief at some point.

But no matter what you do, you have to be ready to wear pants in the summertime at some point. And that means dealing with sweating. Fortunately, we just happen to have a few of the fabric weaves that will help you stay light and comfortable even while you look formal:


Sahara Twill

“Sahara” is in the name for a reason: these pants are designed to feel light enough that you can take them to the—well, we wouldn’t recommend the actual Sahara, but you get the point:

  • Sahara Twill Trim Fit Hedge: A great classic option—not necessarily too formal, but perfectly capable of keeping your legs breathing when you have to be somewhere where you’ll look better in pants.
  • Sahara Twill Trim Fit Stone: A perfect light color for outdoor weddings under the sun—and versatile enough to wear indoors with a navy blazer for when the air conditioning gets a little too

Twill, you’ll recall, is a particularly light but sturdy form of cotton weave that comes from a military tradition—a tradition of wearing pants in hot places. That’s why it’s such a natural at keeping you cool even if the weather outside is anything but. Oh, and speaking of that military heritage…

Military Twill Pants

The military always has it figured out—might as well follow in their footsteps and pay attention to the kinds of fabrics they wear when it’s hot outside. That’s why we offer Military Twill pants—but fortunately, these come in a range of colors outside the strict lines of a military dress code:

  • Sunny Stretch Twill in Charleston Brick: They’re light—both when it comes to the fabric and to the color—and they’re fun. If you want to dress a little different without venturing too far outside the box, this is a great way to color up your wardrobe and enjoy the sartorial opportunities that summer has to offer.
  • Military Twill Classic Fit Stone: You might have noticed by now that we’re a fan of “stone” for summer. This slight off-white color is perfect for hot summery days under the sun—but won’t reflect so much light that they’re blinding to anyone within a fifty-foot radius. It’s a nice subtle way of saying that you’re aware that, yes, it’s summer, but no, you don’t have to wear the purest white at every opportunity.
When you’re wearing twill with light colors, there’s a much better chance that you won’t sweat the way you usually do on hot summer days. And when it comes to formal events and social gatherings, the less sweat, the better.