Wear Snapper Shorts This Spring

What if there was a way to look like you were dressed to impress without sacrificing convenience and comfort?

Under normal circumstances, you’d be right to be skeptical. Comfort and dressiness rarely go together. But in the case of Vintage 1946 Snappers, you can really have it both. These shorts and pants snap on as easily as the title suggests, look as good as anything else in our offerings, and offer the carefree spring-and-summer comfort that you can’t find at the bargain stores.

Putting Together a Solid Snapper Look

The beauty of Snappers is that they hide their secret convenience well: they look just as formal and social as any other pair of shorts or pair of pants you can find on the market. But it is a good idea to know how to pair them with other clothes to pull off a consistent look:

  • Stay beltless. You’re free to use a belt if you like, of course, but the minimalistic Snappers look works perfectly with minimalistic clothes; T-shirts, polos, button downs, etc. They generally suit a more casual look.
  • When it comes to shoes, go wild. Snappers make a perfect accompaniment to just about any shoe you have in your wardrobe—from the most casual of casual sneakers all the way up to desert boots and more.

The Best Snappers at Vintage 1946

You like the look, you like the convenience, you like it all. So which snappers do you pick? Here are the best snappers from Vintage 1946:

Snappers Red Seersucker Shorts. The vintage stripes, the minimalist design, and the casual shortness make these Seersucker shorts a style that will last summer long.



Snappers Navy Madras Shorts. You’re always dressed well when you’re wearing red, white, and blue. This is a perfect pair of shorts to keep handy for the zenith of the summer.

Snappers Seersucker Shorts in Light Blue.
Seersucker? Check. Light blue stripes? Check. Short 5.5” inseam? Check. There’s nothing about this pair of shorts that isn’t perfect for summer.



There’s more to the summer shorts offered at Vintage 1946 for you to browse, of course, but you’ll have a difficult time beating the comfort and convenience of Snappers. Whether you need a new go-to pair of pants or want to walk around all summer without worrying about covering your legs, there’s a Snapper out there that’s made just for you.

March 03, 2016 by Vintage 1946
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