Wear Linen Shorts this Spring

People like to wear linen fabrics because they are light, fluffy, airy, and totally comfortable when it’s time to don the best possible summer outfits.

That’s why you should give a very hard look at a very soft fabric. It’s time to look at the best possible linen shorts.

A Brief Primer on Linen

So what exactly is linen? It’s a fabric made from flax, which, as it happens, has the Latin name of Linum usitatissimum.

If flax sounds familiar, it’s because flaxseed is widely regarded as one of the healthiest foods out there. As it turns out, the plant is healthy for your wardrobe, too, even when cotton is woven into a term loosely known as “linen.”

In today’s sartorial world, linen refers to either the fabric itself or other non-flax fibers that have been woven into the linen style. The universal result, however, is a soft, pleasant fabric that feels casual even if it looks dressy. In other words, it can be perfect for anyone who wants to solve the problem of sweating too much every time they go outdoors.

Secure Your Linen Shorts Today

Good news: our linen shorts aren’t cotton pretenders: they’re made from 100% linen. But you do face a vexing choice: picking between Crossed Dyed Linen Shorts in Linen Blue or Cross Dyed Linen Shorts in Khaki. Both feature a 9.5” inseam, a casual “flat front” fit without pleating, and the signature vintage washed look that makes them look like you found them in a chest of your dad’s old fashion-forward shorts.

What do you wear with a pair of linen shorts? After all, the sartorially smart always know how to pair fabrics together, don’t they?

The truth is, most people won’t notice if you’re mixing your linens with your cottons—as long as you aren’t wearing wool—that winter-friendly fabric—with linen, you’ll be okay. And that opens your linen shorts up to all sorts of pairing combinations, from sweatshirts to T-shirts to polos to button-downs to hoodies to…well, anything just short of “tuxedo top.”

Of course, the best linen shorts we offer here at Vintage 1946 aren’t the only casual shorts in town. Browse through our entire collection to see the snappers, the Sahara Twill, the reversible shorts, the vintage Seersucker—anything that will get you ready for spring and summer. Of course, none of those shorts are made from 100% linen, so if you really want that light, summery, “comfortable-as-a-bed” feeling, you know where to go. The only question is, Linen Blue or Khaki?