Classic Vintage Twill

If you really want a subtle throwback in your wardrobe, find a modern option. The notion sounds contradictory, but it’s not. If you browse through all of the classic vintage twill pant options, you’ll see pants that look every bit as modern as any other khaki you’ll see on the market. The fit is modern, the colors are modern, the design is modern. Everything you could want in a khaki to fit in with the modern sartorial rules, you’ll have.

There’s just one throwback: Classic vintage twill.

The secret is woven into the fabric. Zoom in to any one of our classic vintage twill pants and you’ll find a touch of vintage that’s hard to find in any modern pants store: you’ll find the characteristic diagonal weaving pattern and a well-crafted texture that’s soft to the touch yet rigid enough to handle the daily grind. You know these are the pants for you, you just don’t know which.

That’s where we can help.

Matching Twill with Your Wardrobe

It’s not particularly difficult to wear classic vintage twill pants like khakis to your wardrobe. Khakis go well with a range of different shirt and layering options, from dressing up with a suit or a blazer to dressing down with a polo or even a sweatshirt. They run the full gamut.

The real trick is in knowing your fabrics and weave patterns. Twill is made from cotton, so it pairs well with just about any cotton shirt you have to throw at it. But it also pairs well with linen in the summer and even wool in the winter. Think of twill as something of a sartorial cheat sheet: it looks good with anything so long as the fabric weave (made from cotton or wool, usually) is in the same ballpark.

When it comes to shoes, heed the directions of Effortless Gent and try to stick with brown shades. Approximate your shoes to your belt and you’ll have a great base upon which to experiment with different-colored shirts.

Discovering the Best Colors for Any Occasion

Browsing the Classic Vintage Twill we have here means you’ll be presented with a variety of color options. It’s tough to know which to pick. Our recommendations: if you are in need of a starter Twill pant, go with a versatile color like Khaki, Navy, or White. If you need to add a second pant to your arsenal, feel free to experiment with bolder colors like Charleston Brick, Sky, and Yellow:

  • Khaki: The versatile color from which khakis derive their name is so flexible, it’s a bit like a brand-name credit card: accepted everywhere.
  • Navy: A darker color that allows a feature shirt to really pop.
  • Charleston Brick: Smart, chic, and modern. Perfect for the warmer months and always good with white.
  • Sky: Pale but not any less bold, perfect for casual and hot days.
  • Slate: Strong enough to stand out on its own, but muted enough to fit in with just about any office.
  • Yellow: Bold and perfect for matching with a navy blazer for dressier occasions.
  • White: The universal summer color, versatile to dress up or dress down without blinking an eye.

Classic Vintage Twill are the stylistic man’s jeans: modern, versatile, and ready for anything. With the above trousers in your wardrobe, you’ll look ready for any modern social event…while wearing a classic Twill weave that suggests timelessness. If only all pants were this useful.