Cardigan Sweaters for Men

To some people, the very phrase “Men’s cardigan sweaters,” evokes images of grandpa sitting next to the fireplace with an open book. Cardigan sweaters, they figure, are great for a certain style, but not for the modern man.

But that’s all changing.

The casual cardigan has come back in a big way, which means it’s time for you to consider adding men’s cardigan sweaters to your wardrobe. Today’s cardigan sweaters include zippers, chunky pockets, and contrast lining on the inside to add a heap of color and excitement to your wardrobe. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of the best men’s cardigan options we have to offer.

Zip Cardigan Sweater Silver Lightning

The modern men’s cardigan might be considered something of a hoodie/cardigan hybrid—at least when you’re talking about this particular zip cardigan. It’s that comfortable, but it’s a step above the stylistic class of the traditional hoodie because of the chunky knit look and the large buttons. It’s appropriate to wear at more formal occasions when you’re expected to dress a cut above the usual “trip to the gym” look—but we won’t tell anyone that it’s about the same level of comfort. That can be your little secret.


Zip Cardigan Sweater Phantom Black

If you want a full zip cardigan that’s a little closer to a stylistic edge, this Phantom Black option is probably more your style. You can wear it with a button down underneath to give yourself some dressy winter layering, or you can wear it over a T-shirt when you want to keep things a little more casual. Either way, you’re sure to get the same warmth and comfort you’d expect from a cardigan. The only difference is, people might not even realize you’re even wearing a cardigan. That’s what happens when you go a little outside the box.


7 Gauge Retro Cardigan Camel

If your style is a little more “retro,” this is the best classic cardigan you can find. While we did include the contrast plaid lining on the inside, the outside is consistent with many of the classic cardigans you grew up with. This “retro” is modern enough to wear just about anywhere. The buttons on the shoulders add a bit of a military look, which helps the “retro” feel, but the big buttons and heavy knit appearance keep it in line with what most people want out of a cardigan. This is the kind of option you can wear to family gatherings and more formal events and never feel out of place.


7 Gauge Retro Cardigan Heather Fatigue

A little darker than the above option but with the same classic cardigan look and similar contrast plaid lining, this men’s cardigan is a darker and potentially even more versatile version of the 7 Gauge Retro look, depending on the rest of the items in your wardrobe. With long sleeves, big buttons, and that similar “knit” look that’s impossible to fake, this item makes for perfect layering in cooler weather.