What to Wear to Your New Year's Party

It’s easy to think that a New Year’s Party is going to be effortless fun: they usually are! The music is bumping, the guests are happy to cut loose, and the prospect of a fresh year and a fresh opportunity has everyone in a good mood…

...until you open your closet and can’t figure out what to wear.

To keep your new year as effortlessly fun as it’s been in year past, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and pick out an outfit that’s as good for hitting the town as it is for a casual party at home. Here’s our quick guide to mastering the New Year’s look so you can kick off 2016 in style.

Sticking With Corduroy

You might remember stretch corduroy from our official guide . There’s a reason that many style experts lump together “fall and winter” and then “spring and summer.” Corduroy, though often considered ideally suited for autumn, is just as warm and attractive in winter. In fact, it’s perfect for wearing through the holidays--and that includes your New Year’s Party.

Try out Stretch Corduroy Fatigue or a similar color as the base for your outfit. This “olive-green” color goes well with brown, light blues, and of course the always-versatile white that pretty much goes with everything. Make sure to use a thick brown leather belt to pair with these pants--the belt size should match the loops as closely as possible--and you’ve got one part of your outfit nailed down.

Chambray is Perfect for New Year’s Style

If you liked our suggestion of olive green with light blue, we have the perfect item for you when it comes to your top: our Chambray Grid Woven Navy Shirt. Not only is it close on the color spectrum without being overwhelmingly blue, but also the chambray grid pattern is a nice contrast to the solid corduroy you’re wearing below. What’s more, it’s easy to dress this up with a dark blazer or simply stay warm by adding a sweater layer on top.


Putting it All Together

Depending on just how fancy the party you’re attending turns out to be, you might want to tinker with this outfit. But even if you don’t think your particular New Year’s soiree is going to be “black tie,” it always helps to pay attention to what you wear. This will help you feel good about yourself, freeing yourself to cut back and enjoy the evening.

Make sure to pay attention to smaller details, as well. Do your shoes match with your belt, or are all of your accessories random? Are you wearing a watch and, if so, is it properly calibrated to the “official” time so that you know exactly how many more seconds there are until midnight? These little details go a long way in helping you feel like you’re as well put together as possible so you’re free to focus on enjoying your friends.