What to Wear with Classic Vintage Twill

It may be winter on the calendar, but that doesn’t mean everyone is living through brutal snowstorms and freezing rain. In some areas, it’s perfectly hospitable—even downright warm. That means that twill remains your best friend: a light, breezy, yet sturdy weave of cotton that keeps you comfortable in a whole range of temperatures.

But let’s say you’ve already made best friends with the vintage twill in your wardrobe. Suddenly you have to figure out how to put an entire outfit together and you’re not sure what exactly goes with twill.

Staying Warm with Twill: The Woven Sweater

Even though twill isn’t really in the same realm as wool is when it comes to protection from the cold, chances are that you’re going to face a chilly afternoon or two this winter—and you’ll need to be prepared. We recommend something that’s about as casual and versatile as Twill, like a Pullover Sweater in Blue Graphite. Pair it with a khaki Twill trouser and you’ve got an outfit that’s ready for anything—from a casual dinner to spending an evening with your significant other’s family. And you won’t need to huddle around the fireplace to stay warm, either.

Suiting Up

If you want to dress up your vintage Twill, try matching it with a twill blazer. Why stack Twill on top of Twill? Consistency, for starters. But it’s important to remember that twill, up close, has a distinctive angular weaving pattern that makes it clash with other patterns if you’re not too careful. When wearing a suit, the last thing you want is to clash: you want to look clean and put together. Suiting up with Twill means it’s a good idea to invest in a Twill blazer. Any Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt will work for the inside, and feel free to pick your favorite tie to stand out a bit if you don’t want the all-Twill look.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

What you wear on top is important, but let’s not forget what you wear on the bottom, too. No, we’re not talking about that bottom; we’re talking about the bottom of your ensemble: your shoes.

Because Twill is a casual and versatile fabric, you’ll want something similarly casual and versatile for your shoes. In warmer months, you might roll up the Twill pants and try a smart pair of sneakers, true. But these are the cooler months, so you’ll want something with a little more substance: try boots. Whether they’re desert boots or good, old-fashioned, leather lace-up boots, you’ll stay a touch below “formalwear” and won’t look out of place.

Classic Twill from Vintage 1946 has a timeless look that’s appropriate for all seasons, even winter. But that classic look won’t come out unless you know how to dress around the Twill and put together an ensemble that works as one cohesive outfit. Fortunately, Twill makes that part of the job easy—during all seasons.