How to Wear Vintage Twill Pants This Winter

When you think of twill, what do you imagine?

For many people, twill is the “military” fabric, a cotton weave that constitutes one of the few acceptable ways to wear khakis during a hot summer. As such, you might not expect twill pants to serve you well in winter—unless you really know your twill, that is.

The truth is, though twill can work well in summer, it’s substantial and thick enough to be worn in cool temperatures. It’s not so lightweight that cold winds will break right through it—and the advantage is that twill pants can look every bit as office-appropriate and sartorially smart as anything else in your wardrobe. There’s no reason to give up on your twill pants even if the temperatures drop a little bit—and that means you’ll want to know how to rock your twill even when you see a little snow outside.

Dressing “Up” Twill Pants During Winter

First things first: we know that if you browse through our twill pants collection, you’ll see plenty of summer-friendly bright colors: your Charleston bricks, your Slates, your Skies. But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to abandon all of these colors. It might be a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day, but that tried-and-true rule doesn’t have to limit the rest of your palette.

The only question is, how do you pull off these pants in winter when you presumably have just as many—if not more—“dressy” obligations as you do during summer? Easy. Pick a versatile color—this Classic Vintage Twill Relax Fit Navy will work just fine—and add simple winter layers like a blazer, a peacoat, a sweater, or some combination of all the above. Heck, a light coat and an oxford cloth button down shirt is perfectly cold-weather-appropriate and requires very little “layering” work at all. Pair the twill pants with a smart pair of oxfords and you’re ready for nearly any formal event this winter.

Dressing “Down” Twill Pants During Winter

What if you want a more casual look? We thought you’d never ask. Start with Classic Vintage Twill Khaki and add a brown belt and a crewneck sweater. Don’t be afraid to combine fabrics, either—twill and wool work perfectly well together, and most people can’t be bothered to even notice.

Other options for pairing your twill pants with warm casual clothing during winter include V-neck sweaters, crewneck sweatshirts over a button-down shirt, or even a simple button-down shirt with a light athletic coat, such as a field coat. Using vintage twill pants as your base, you can layer up the rest of your outfit to suit the occasion.

You don’t have to dress yourself in wool from head-to-toe in order to stay comfortable and fashionable this winter. Substantial cotton weaves like twill are perfectly capable of keeping out the chilly weather in most light conditions—and feel free to experiment with adding layers as the weather continues to cool down. As versatile as twill is, no wonder it’s considered a “military” fabric. Like the military itself, it’s ready for anything.