Men's Sweaters for the Winter

It’s strange that people think of winter as the most uncomfortable season of the year—especially when you consider the fact that winter is when you get to wear sweaters. Sweaters are warm, comfortable, and make all sorts of fun layering possible for those of you who enjoy being fashionable. 

For the rest of us, sweaters are an opportunity to get—and stay—comfortable while looking as good as possible. And if you are shopping around for your next sweater purchase, it may be time to learn a thing or two about what you’re browsing.

Pullover Sweaters

It’s easy to remember what “pullover” sweaters are: they’re sweaters you can easily “pull over” your shoulders and wear as they are. Pullover really has a loose definition, however, considering that it can include anything from a quarter-zip (a sweater with a zipper just underneath the collar, but which doesn’t fully extend down to the waist) to a collar with a few buttons.

Our 5 Gauge Pullover in Dark Denim is a fine example of a buttoned pullover sweater: you’ll likely always keep the bottom button closed. You can button the top one when it’s especially cold outside, but leaving it open gives you a warm and casual look that suits all sorts of winter occasions.

Cardigan Sweaters

The cardigan is the sweater you picture when you remember your grandpa sitting with a tobacco pipe next to the fire, telling you stories. Heck, even if you don’t have that image of your grandpa floating around in your memory banks, the cardigan is still the quintessential “grandpa sweater.” Yet it’s as stylish as ever; it’s perfect for all ages.

What defines a cardigan? It’s a sweater that opens and closes, though you’ll generally want to keep it closed. While the pullover sweater remains in tact no matter what you do to it, the cardigan can be opened to a high degree to reveal the layering item you’ve put on underneath. Like pullovers, cardigans are available in zippered versions, like the Zip Cardigan Sweater Silver Lightning, or in buttoned versions, like the 7 Gauge Retro Cardigan Heather Fatigue. You know just from looking at these that cardigans are no longer just the realm of stuffy grandparents.

Zipper Sweaters

This is an “unofficial” category of sweaters, yet they’re worth mentioning because they stand as an alternative to the always-popular buttoned sweater. Zippers can be tricky in intense cold, of course, which means you’ll want to use the zippers in the lighter months as a general rule. But you’ll have no problem staying warm in this Zip Cardigan Sweater in Phantom Black.

Zipper sweaters are easy to put on, which means they’re easy to put on layering items like button-down shirts or even simple t-shirts. If you tend to a more casual wardrobe, try to find an item with a zipper as you’ll likely end up wearing them far more often than their buttoned counterparts.

See? Sweaters aren’t so hard to understand. They keep you warm, they’re easy to wear, and they can be some of the most attractive items in your closet. It’s no wonder so many people root for winter to come around. Shop for all your sweaters today from Vintage 1946.